The Expo.02 family

We connect Expo.02 alumni. Many thousands of people made Expo.02 possible in the first place, be it in the organisation, in the construction and dismantling, in the planning and implementation of an exhibition or event, as employees or contractors for a sponsor or partner, as service providers or in many other commitments. 

Our organisation was born out of the common need to remain on friendly terms with each other even after Expo.02. 

Our goal?

  • Friendship.  The maintenance and deepening of the network between the members.
  • The networking. Facilitating contact between members.
  • The commitment. To support projects of future national exhibitions or similar ideas/visions with the appropriate means.

We are organised as an association in the sense of Art. 60ff. of the SCC and we engage ourselves as volunteers - with a lot of heart and joy. 

What do we do?

We coordinate and organise reunions with members and actively promote dialogue for a new national exhibition.

General Assemblies