Power and Liberty

Association grid Arteplage Biel-Bienne

Dramatic arc   Power and Liberty
Code words   Reason, ethics
Inversion of the code words   Excess
Key questions   Is reason the salvation? Is there a collective ethics?
Picture   Science fiction
Colours   light blue & silver grey
Architecture   rectangular & crooked, tubes, ship, dimensional differences, small & large
Shapes   sharp-edged, ragged, broken, pointed, crystalline, slanted, technoid
Period   three generations
Symbolic and cult figures   Blade Runner, Bill Gates, Citizen Kane, Dalai Lama, Che Guevara
Knowledge   explain, teach
Systems   Space station, Metropolis, Titanic, oil rig, machines, end times, Venice of the 3rd millennium, disused oil refinery
Swiss myths   William Tell, Winkelried
Artificial Intelligence   (Over)demand
Activity   think
Season   Spring
Development   Revolution, progress
A Theorem   Watering flowers in the rain
Philosophical model   political ideology: communism, democracy, anarchism. Search for new codes of conduct/rules, new etiquette, natural decency.
Urgent case   Indebtedness
What's going on, baby?   new rituals, preservation of tradition, information society
Architectural affinities   Moebius, Jean Nouvel, Lebbeus Woods, Eric Owen Moss, Zaha M. Hadid, ...
Individuality   Public spirit, family
Animals   Horse, eagle, lion, cat, dog, ant, elephant
Plants/fruits   Cacti, oak, pumpkin, laurel, apple
Addictive substances   Money, cocaine
Visual associations   Science-fiction, futurism, picturesque-fucked-up, spacy, big & small
Materials   Concrete, steel, wood, copper, metal mesh (aged), rust, glass, patina
Conversational forms   Table talk, giving a speech (Speakers'corner), Morse code, echo calls, internet
Fun park machines   Pirates of the caribbean, simulation rides
Pier   Power of Love
Film   The Great Dictator
Source of income   Mechanics
Yellow   poison, gold, sun
Red   shame red, signal red, forbidden red
Blue   Ink
Images again   Paper and printer's ink
Smells   mountain air, cigars, petrol station
Sounds   big city, wind, musak, start up computer, techno, military march
Locomotion   cycling, driving a car, seven-league boots, carriage, railway
Body awareness   awake, concentrated, chicken skin
Cooperation   Know-how exchange
More figures   General Dufour, Alfred Nobel, Pippi Longstocking, Madame Curie
Objects   GPS (Global Positioning System), roller, book, trainers, paper shredder
Artists   Ray & Charles Eames, Moebius, Luc Besson, Jenny Holzer, Luc Bondy, ...
Science   Geography, Economy
Places   Silicon Valley, Far West, Sheffield, Detroit, Rütli
Death   Guillotine (fastest way of killing)
Sport   Football, ice hockey, chess, boxing, hunting
Drinks   White wine, apple juice