Instant and Eternity

Association grid Arteplage Murten-Morat

Dramatic arc   Instant and Eternity
Code words   Transience
Inversion of the code words   Timelessness
Key questions   What is time? Being able to let go, to accept death?
Picture   secret & magical place
Colours   black, a little white, a little red
Architecture   temple, massive, masonry, stone around stone
Shapes   rectangular, stone, monolithic, heavy, massive, block-like, nested, layered
Period   Lifespan
Symbolic and cult figures   Sphinx, Sisyphus, Buddha, Snow White, minstrels and castle ladies
Knowledge   belief, superstition
Systems   Perpetual motion, crypt, rock, dungeon, castle, labyrinth, Mayan temple complex, cemetery, Pompeii
Swiss myths   Winter spirits, battle
Artificial Intelligence   (self-)knowledge, relativisation
Activity   sleep, relax
Season   Autumn
Development   standstill, mutation
A Theorem   drinking the dewdrop from the rose petal
Philosophical model   Religions: Christian/Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan and all others, search for common ethics, new religion. Search for new codes of conduct/rules
Urgent case   Change of values
What's going on, baby?   Atheism, esotericism
Architectural affinities   Tadao Ando, Peter Zumthor, Luigi Snozzi, Herzog & de Meuron, ...
Individuality   Soul
Animals   Phoenix from the ashes, owl, monkey, dormouse, virus, caterpillar/butterfly
Plants/fruits   Rose of Jericho, lotus blossom, queen of the night, white lily, water lilies, carnations
Addictive substances   Opium, Nicotine
Visual associations   black/white, stone, air, emptiness, transparency, calm, abandoned, glass age bell, lightning
Materials   Natural stone, ashes, silver, concrete, masonry, gravel, sand, linen, felt, rock, gold, oil, fat
Conversational forms   soliloquy, pen pal, song, blues, ballad, crying
Fun park machines   -
Pier   Pier éternel
Film   Dance of the Vampires
Source of income   Castle
Yellow   pollen, yolk
Red   blood, baghwan, rust, embers
Blue   Sky
Images again   Compost, leaves, samadhi tank
Smells   Incense, Grandma's cupboard, Patchouli
Sounds   Silence, drops, snow, ebb and flow, prayer wheel, aboriginal sounds
Locomotion   Floating, balloon, cloud, beaming, time travel, marathon, sedan chair
Body awareness   naked, dozing
Cooperation   Know-how import
More figures   Everybody is a star for 15 minutes (Andy Warhol), the god, the gods and the goddesses, Lady Di
Objects   family album, soap bubble, diamond, statues, walls, armours
Artists   Arnold Böcklin, Josef Beuys, Egon Schiele, Hannah Wilke, Damian Hirst, ...
Science   Theology, Physics
Places   Venice, Pompeii, Amazon, Ayers Rock
Death   Death in bed
Sport   Athletics, discus throwing, ski jumping
Drinks   Red wine, milk