Nature and Artificiality

Association grid Arteplage Neuchâtel

Dramatic arc   Nature and Artificiality
Code words   Need
Inversion of the code words   Fulfilment
Key questions   What is natural need, what is artificial need? What do we need, what do we lack?
Picture   Artificial paradise
Colours   yellow, light green, a bit violet
Architecture   openwork, filigree, meshwork, insect-like
Shapes   bird-like, delicate, floral
Period   beyond a lifetime
Symbolic and cult figures   Pinocchio, Frankenstein, Globi, Heidi, Superman, Pamela Anderson, Laura Croft
Knowledge   experience, comprehend
Systems   Biosphere, Las Vegas, Cell, Brave New World, Virtual Paradise, EPCOT, Greenhouse, Gentech Lab, Silicon Valley, Mantis, Centre Pompidou, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Odyssey 2001
Swiss myths   Heidi, Queen Berthe
Artificial Intelligence   Extension
Activity   eat
Season   Winter
Development   Escalation, Evolution, Mutation
A Theorem   the red tomatoes ball
Philosophical model   Natural science and humanities; search for common ethics, new religion
Urgent case   Genetics
What's going on, baby?   Animal/human and the differences, ecology
Architectural affinities   Santiago Calatrava, Norman Foster, Rem Kolhaas, ...
Individuality   Genetic code
Animals   Centaur, the cloned sheep Dolly, Tamagochi, unicorn, earthworm, sea virgin
Plants/fruits   Cultivated plants, bonsai, mould, orchid, cut flowers, lawn, pomegranate
Addictive substances   sweets, marijuana
Visual associations   glittering, extreme bund, jewellery, lacquered, gurgling laboratory, greenhouse
Materials   leatherette, plastic, glitter, steel, glass, aluminium, chrome, plexiglass, acrylic, polyester, artificial grass
Conversational forms   mass media, telephone, computer voice
Fun park machines   it's a small world
Pier   Legoworld
Film   Weekend
Source of income   Electronics
Yellow   lemon, buttercup, acrylic
Red   pink Barbie, tomatoes
Blue   ultramarine
Images again   Pool of petroleum
Smells   bathhouse, perfume, petrol, car pot
Sounds   Frequency whistles, star sounds, white noise, rap, bird whistles, electronic music
Locomotion   Flight, rocket, lift, dream, trips
Body awareness   palpitations, hunger, hyperventilate
Cooperation   Know-how export
More figures   Darwin, Batman, Divine, Emil and the Detectives, Alice in Wonderland
Objects   PET, simulators, perfume bottle, Polaroid, mail order catalogue
Artists   Pierre et Gilles, Sylvie Fleury, Matthew Barney, Mangacomix illustrator, ...
Science   Chemistry, Ethnology
Places   Lucerne, Las Vegas, Zoo, National Park, Zermatt
Death   Car accident
Sport   Bodybuilding, tennis, swimming, rafting, bicycle and car racing
Drinks   Red Bull, fruit brandy