Me and the Universe

Association grid Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains

Dramatic arc   Me and the Universe
Code words   Sensuality, Sexuality
Inversion of the code words   Asceticism
Key questions   Can sensuality and transcendence, eroticism and drive be reconciled?
Picture   juicy world
Colours   red and pink, skin tones
Architecture   round, amoebic, soft, bubbly, nubs, globules
Shapes   round, organic, soft, amorphous, flowing, physical, curved, nubby
Period   Moments, phases
Symbolic and cult figures   Romeo and Juliet, Cupid, Aphrodite, Casanova, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean
Knowledge   feeling, intuition
Systems   Dance palace, paradise, Pigalle, bachelor machine, beach, human body, animals, Barbarella, underwater world (corals, jellyfish, deep-sea animals, ...) carnivorous plants
Swiss myths   Sennentuntschi, Helvetia
Artificial Intelligence   Game
Activity   kissing, letting go
Season   Summer
Development   Maturation, wisdom
A Theorem   You kiss well
Philosophical model   Hedonism, passion, self-sacrifice: new etiquette, natural decency
Urgent case   Mergers
What's going on, baby?   Gender discussion, role constraint/self-determination
Architectural affinities   Philippe Starck, Frank Gehry, Ron Arad, Hermann Finsterlin, ...
Individuality   Intimacy
Animals   Dolphin, rabbit, pig, spider, kangaroo, snail, praying mantis
Plants/fruits   Cactus without thorns, carnivorous plant, rose, fig, poppy, peach
Addictive substances   Aphrodisiacs, alcohol
Visual associations   Body cult, heart, soft flesh, mucus, saliva, blood, excrement
Materials   Fruits, water, jelly, plastic, styrofoam, fibre concrete, plastics (possibly inflatable), textiles, plexiglass, rubber, chrome, wax, leather, velvet, silk, latex
Conversational forms   whispering, pillow talk, screaming
Fun park machines   space mountain
Pier   umido e feroce, wet 'n' wild
Film   In the realm of the senses
Source of income   Baths
Yellow   aura, pus, urine
Red   blood red, lip red, pale pink, neon red
Blue   Hickey
Images again   Hammam, space capsule, weightless
Smells   sweat, sweet and sour, amber, attractant
Sounds   smack, bossanova, heartbeat, gasp, jukebox
Locomotion   swim, dive, liana swing, rubber boat, fall, crawl
Body awareness   free fall, unveiled, warm, heated
Cooperation   work hand in hand
More figures   my wife, my husband, Pope, Sade, Federico Fellini, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Objects   electric plug, dam wall, a lonely lost ski, vibrator
Artists   Peter Paul Rubens, Hamilton, Jeff Koons, Louise Bourgeois, ...
Science   biology, linguistics
Places   Niagara Falls, caves, grottos, Paris
Death   Heart failure, death by lust
Sport   Synchronised swimming, wet T-shirt contest, catching, bungee jumping
Drinks   Bloody Mary, water