Big Boss

Big Boss is a calm, level-headed woman. She hates two things: the unexpected in general and feelings in particular. For her, human relationships are only of strategic interest. Politics is the essence of life, the key to understanding the world. Despite her calculating nature, she often has flashes of genius and finds solutions that no-one had thought of before her. Big Boss is a master of chess.

Age   38 years
Gender   Female
Place of residence   Highest tower in the city
Character   Calm, level-headed, calculating, ambitious, bold, self-confident
Favourite colour   Steel blue
Favourite game   Chess, Go, Monopoly, Civilization (the video game), Risk
Favourite saying   I am number 1, I will go far
Special feature   Her face is a mask made of soft metal
Favourite sound   The fall of the opposing king on the chessboard
People who make him dream   Bill Gates, Citizen Kane, Catwoman
Favourite artist            Leonardo da Vinci, Max Bill
Favourite place   Big cities, motorways, Zen gardens
Favourite friends   A peasant army, ladies with big flat hats, a police force of returnees chasing a young man called Fazel
Connections with the Arteplage Biel-Bienne
Theme   Power and Liberty
Symbol   The three towers
Symbolic game   Chess. Strategy games are at the centre of power; they symbolise the geopolitical and financial interests of our cultures.

Photos: © Tronics Animated Design