The Expo in the dark


Seeing and being seen shape our lives. The Blindekuh project sets a counterpoint. Blind people receive sighted people, guide them through a completely dark sensory room and serve them in the Invisible Bar, a meeting place with cultural events.

It is difficult for sighted people to empathise with blind people. The chance to get to know their world is offered by the role reversal in the exhibition Blindekuh. In the darkness, visitors experience how naturally blind people perform everyday tasks.

Culture of seeing in the dark

They play hosts and ensure that their sighted guests experience the darkness not as threatening but as exciting or even fun. Because what the project authors want to convey is the culture of seeing in the dark. This culture means openness, because visual prejudices disappear. But it also means closeness, because communication at a distance does not work in the dark. And finally, visitors learn about slowness, because seeing in the dark means exploring the surroundings with the senses of hearing, smell, taste and touch, for which the untrained need more time.

Cooperation instead of prejudice

The exhibition appeals to people who are curious about a sensual journey of discovery into a world of not seeing - but also to those who wish for a world of encounter and cooperation instead of exclusion and prejudice. Because whether blind or sighted: you can only see well with your heart.

Events in the dark

The exhibition Blindekuh also offers acoustic events on all Saturday evenings and eleven Sunday matinées between 18 May and 20 October 2002. A radio play, various musical performances, storytellers from Switzerland, a Sunday service: there is room for almost everything. For example, the Ticino singer-songwriter and musician Marco Zappa, the German-speaking Swiss cabaret artist Franz Hohler and the French-speaking Swiss storyteller Jean-Louis Millet are scheduled to perform.


Visitor capacity per day

Total visitors

Helsana Versicherungen AG, Dübendorf 

Jelmoli AG, Zurich 
Gebauer Foundation, Zurich 

Ernst Göhner Foundation, Zug; Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation, Basel; Hans Eggenberger Foundation, Zurich; Paul Schiller Foundation, Zurich; Avina Foundation Switzerland, Hurden; Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Allschwil; UBS Cultural Foundation, Zurich; Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft kultureller Stiftungen (new: SwissFoundations), Zurich 

Jürg Flück, Jürg Spielmann, Stefan Zappa

Project management
SMC Management Contractors AG (Neu: Renggli International AG) (Stephan Rickenbacher),Winterthur 

GXM Architekten GmbH (Alexandra Gübeli, Yves Milani), Zurich 

Structural engineering
Moor Hauser & Partner, Berne

Ventilation planning
Waldhauser Building Services, Münchenstein

Sanitary planning
Anton Riesen, Berne

Electrical planning
Theo Meyer, Stäfa

Building physics/acoustics
Wichser Acoustics & Building Physics, Zurich

Sound radio play
Ernst Thoma

Gastronomy consulting
Beat Läubli

Coaching Expo.02
Danielle Nanchen (Head)
Sina Buxtorf

Operations Management
Martina Lanz (Managing Director)
Gabriella Staub (Programming Events in the Dark)

Photos: Press kit Blindekuh; © Archive Ralph Ammann; © Nüssli (Schweiz) AG, Hüttwilen