Cantor is a scarab that has lived in an amber pebble for thousands of years. Cantor has always been a lucky charm and has been passed from hand to hand. From its pebble, the beetle has observed the lives of hundreds of famous and unknown people. Who knows, maybe it once belonged to a member of your family?

Age   As old as the world
Gender   Not known
Place of residence   An amber pebble
Character   Bon vivant, joker and juggler
Favourite colour   The red colour of his shell
Favourite game   Heads or tails
Favourite saying   Frrrrrrrrkt, an untranslatable expression from beetle language
Special feature   A yellow dot on the belly and a rectangle on the back
Favourite sound   The sound of the river whose water has polished the amber pebble in which it has lived for thousands of years
People who make him dream   None
Favourite artist            None
Favourite object         Not known
Favourite dish      Not known
Favourite place   The world in amber pebbles
His idols           Not known
Favourite friends   Lili

Photos: © Tronics Animated Design