Event venue Arteplage Neuchâtel


Club Cargo invites Expo.02 visitors on a 159-day musical journey. With the most refined and colourful rhythms, it will take its passengers to the shores of urban music. Beware on particularly discovery-rich evenings, danger of capsizing! For the land exhibition, Cargo tracks down current trends. Electro, rock, jazz, hip-hop, nu-jazz or world music. Cargo docks where sounds meet and merge into each other. Dancers get stomping, music lovers get swinging.

Conceived as black boxes, the Théâtre des Roseaux and Cargo differ in size, layout and the colour of their cladding: industrial and metal-coloured in the case of Cargo. The aluminium grilles attached to wooden slats created a moiré effect when exposed to light.


1'600 standing places

Total visitors

SWISS Air Lines, Basel www.swiss.com 
Cardinal, Fribourg www.cardinal.ch 
Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG, Brüttisellen www.coca-cola.ch 

Project management
Angus GmbH (Patrick David), Lausanne
Sebastien Vuignier (Programmateur)
Aminata Kaba (Programmatrice)
Bassir Yunus (Responsable Administration)
Ludovic GrisonI (Responsable Exploitation)
Sacha Heiniger (Responsable Marketing)

Christophe Hämmerli (Responsable Son)
Sylvain Kaufmann (Technician)
Marijn Pulles (Technician)
Nicolas Sandoz (Technician)

Master of Ceremony
Yoachim Décosterd

Alex Souissi (Gérant)
Loic Amstutz (Responsable Bar)
Murat Opan (Responsable Bar)
Rebecca Aellig, Tania Capra, Fanny da Silva, Flavio d'Alessandri, Barbara de Seixas-Santos, Jennyfère Ernst, David Fischer, Virginie Jan, Davide Longo, Frédéric Miserez, Romy Monard, Marie-Pierre Paratte, Muriel Pematsang-Laterali, Alexandre Sanjovo-Chitacumbi; Alexandra Sobral, Mehdi Talmi, Valentine Thorens, Violène Tinguely, Alexandra van Lanschot

Eric Tarmi

Coordination Expo.02 - Events
Carine Zuber

Head of Events Arteplage Neuchâtel
Ralph Ammann (Responsable Events)
Elina Leimgruber Salo (Responsable Production)
Rémy Beuchat (Responsable Technique)
Fabrice Laluc (Site Coordinator)
Bruno Soulie (Coordinateur Technique)
Monica Brunner (Responsable Administrative)
Marc Magnin (Coordinateur Gastronomie, Logistique et Logement) 

Photos: © Archive Frédérique Mouchet; © Claude Zingg; © Andreas Mosimann; © Archive Ralph Ammann; are still missing - send us yours! expo.02(at)ex-expo.ch;