Château de Prangins

Exhibition: La Suisse. C'est Quoi?

On Saturday, 18.06.2022, the exhibition "La Suisse. C'est quoi?" will open. An exhibition that also recalls the national exhibitions and of course Expo.02.

From 14:00 free visit to the exhibition
16:00 Official part with speeches

free admission

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What is Switzerland?

The world’s oldest democracy, a major financial centre and perpetual armed neutrality – is that the reality of Switzerland, or just a series of clichés? This exhibition sets out to explore those myths and measure them against the everyday lives of the Swiss population, from the 18th century to the present day.

Each room examines a theme that is central to understanding Switzerland, then and now: identity, territory, family and the role of women, but also work and democracy.

Aimed in particular at the younger generations, this new exhibition makes their voices heard and interweaves them with the testimony of those who have helped to build Switzerland’s prosperity since the late 19th century. By way of conclusion, a young audience investigates a myth that is still alive and well today: Switzerland as a “happy” country!