Flying Fish

The Flying Fish has landed

25 Expo.02 exhibition and infrastructure projects have been awarded the Flying Fish. They stand out for their particularly environmentally friendly energy solutions.
The wooden car park in Yverdon-les-Bains, which could be reused; the trucks used to dispose of waste from the Arteplage Biel-Bienne, which ran on biogas; the restaurant in Neuchâtel, whose cooling was provided by lake water; the series of exhibitions that were powered one hundred percent by green electricity: the projects at Expo.02 that placed value on environmentally friendly technologies were manifold. 25 exhibitions, restaurants or hotels were rewarded with the Flying Fish label - in the spirit of the federal government, which had demanded efficient and sustainable energy supply from Expo.02.

Sympathy thanks to environmental protection

The Flying Fish stood for renewable energy, closed cycles and a careful treatment of nature. Thus, the motto that accompanied the flying fish was Full of energy - all of nature. Good marks went to those who, for example, set energy targets, systematically switched off unused systems and equipment, constructed buildings with reusable materials and operated the facilities with naturemade star electricity. This certified electricity met the highest ecological standards. Additional points were awarded to those who used the energy solutions in a way that attracted public attention. The person responsible for the energy concept, Beatrice Ruess, was convinced that "anyone who receives the label gains sympathy".

Photos: © Andreas Mosimann; © Claude Zingg