Exhibition platform


For the construction of the Expo.02 platform, the architects used an age-old technique from the region: construction on piles. Protruding far into the lake, the Forum, lies 4.00 metres above the water level. It is 220.00 metres long, 61.00 metres wide and consists of 45 wooden modules, each of which measures 24.40 x 12.30 metres. The stapled board construction consists of staggered wooden boards around a light 33 centimetres substructure. The boards have been fixed with screws and covered with a waterproof, non-slip Kerto board. 228 floating friction stilts of 0.53 meter diameter and 48 metres lenght support the platform. An additional 54 metal stilts support the wooden roof.


Photos: © Philipp Zanatta; © Andreas Mosimann; © Christoph Steudler; © Archive Frédérique Mouchet; © Martin Lüchinger