Event venue Arteplage Neuchâtel

Grande Scène

This stage, located in the centre of the Arteplage Neuchâtel, mainly plays pop, rock and world music. But it also hosts folk music concerts, cantonal days and thematic events, such as the energy & environment theme weeks.

The Grande Scène is a 2'000 m2 roof. Long, inclined metal columns simultaneously support and brace a steel structure under which a lattice-like roof is suspended so that daylight falls down. A transparent polyethylene film stretched over glulam frames serves as weather protection.


3'000 standing places - open-air, partly covered

Head of Events Arteplage Neuchâtel
Ralph Ammann (Responsable Events)
Elina Leimgruber Salo (Responsable Production)
Rémy Beuchat (Responsable Technique)
Fabrice Laluc (Site Coordinator)
Bruno Soulie (Coordinateur Technique)
Monica Brunner (Responsable Administrative)
Marc Magnin (Coordinateur Gastronomie, Logistique et Logement) 

Team Events - Grande Scène
Robi Maurer (Régisseur Général)
Michel Jarrin (Stage Manager)
Gregor Arbogast (Régisseur Son)
Florian Pittet (Régisseur Son)
Nancy Drolet (Régisseuse Lumière)

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