159 pictures

Histoires de voir

Histoires de voir is a tribute and expression of gratitude by Expo.02 to the town of Neuchâtel. It is a giant picture book recalling the key moments, main events and important stages in the history of Neuchâtel and its surroundings that have left their mark on the region’s identity and character over the centuries. There are 159 pictures – one for each day of Expo.02 – strung out in a long line. Short stories portray the development of Neuchâtel and its outlying districts.

The 159 pictures illustrate the passage of time and blend with the town in the background to create a dialogue between past and present, between outside and inside, and between nature and artifice.

A commemorative book on the project will be published by Gilles Attinger / Neuchâtel in the course of the summer.


Jean-Pierre Jelmini
Patrick Reymond (Multipack)
Pierre Neumann

Coaching Expo.02
Armin Heusser (Heas)
Michelle Dedelley

Photos: © Ralph Ammann; © Archive Frédérique Mouchet