Jo is a young pirate captain. He lies and bets for all he's worth and quickly gets angry. He infuriates those around him, but with his charm he always masters all tricky situations. Constantly travelling, mischievous, never where he is expected to be, he disappears again and again without warning. He claims to know all the harbours in the world. He is an excellent poker player.

Age   24 years
Gender   Male
Place of residence   Pirate ship
Character   Gambler, liar, cheat, helpful
Favourite colour   Orange
Favourite game   Card games: Poker, rummy, jass, bridge, bataille
Favourite saying   Life is a game where everyone cheats
Special feature   A tattoo of a chequered diamond on his eye
Favourite sound   Noise of a table toppling over
People who make him dream   Phileas Fogg, Indiana Jones, Han Solo from Star Wars
Favourite artist            Tinguely, hip-hop artists
Favourite place   Secret
Favourite friends   Pirates
Connections with the Arteplage Mobile du Jura
Theme   Meaning and Motion
Symbol   Pirate ship
Symbolic game   Poker. Based on the simple hierarchy of cards, an infinite number of different games and rules are possible.

Photos: © Tronics Animated Design