Invent your own world


Kids.expo is a world in itself – a swirling galaxy in the universe of children. For over two years, children aged 5-13 from Switzerland and other countries have been pooling their brainwaves and inventions for Expo.02, thereby offering themselves and adults a surprise present full of their vitality, imagination and wishes, but also of their fears.

The expo within the Expo: for the first time, part of the Swiss National Exhibition truly belongs to children. Kids.expo has a sparkling array of attractive offers for all visitors, including expo.linos (bright yellow buses doubling as workshops), the expo.factory (workshops in Yverdon-les-Bains), the for school classes and holiday groups, and the expo.drom (the actual exhibition itself).

Life in heaven: one of some 6'000 works of art produced by children. St. Exupery’s little prince would have really enjoyed himself at the expo.drom, where lots of different kinds of planets are waiting to be explored. With some help from adults, the dreams and imaginary worlds of children have found a home here. It is a wonderland of sculptures, drawings, games, objects, plays and activities – a paradise, laboratory and chamber of horrors all rolled into one. This universe is certain to undergo further change during Expo.02, because imagination knows no bounds – even though adults occasionally forget this, including those who feel young enough for Kids.expo.


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Canton Lucerne
Canton Nidwalden
Canton Obwalden
Canton Schwyz
Canton Uri
Canton Zug

in collaboration with
UNESCO, Berne 
UNICEF, Zurich 

Zai & Partner (Ruedi Zai), Zug 

Christen Visuelle Kommunikation GmbH (Daniel Christen, Wolfgang Möhrle, Jan Vágner), Zug

Project management
Keep Cool Produktion & Verlag AG (Marco Schneider, Marc Höchli), Hagendorn

Nicole Kammermann
Pierre Küenzi

Thomas Feger

Keep Cool Produktion & Verlag AG (René Tanner), Hagendorn

Nic Baschung

Responsible Cantonal projects Expo.02
Lisa Humbert-Droz

Coaching Expo.02
Sergio Cavero (Head)
Gilles Roulin

Operations management
Pete Bürki (Operations manager)
Markus Graf (Deputy operations manager)

Joel Baldinger, Roberto Domeniconi, Sandro Frei, Claudia Hürlimann, Demian Innes, Rahel Keiser, Rahel Knellwolf, Pierre Küenzi, Hugo Niederberger, Samuel Nüesch, Johan Perritaz, Peter Störi, Elias Vogel, Ronny von Siebenthal, Stefan Weibel, Adrian Wendel, Sarah Werder, Samuel Winkler

Photos: Press kit Kids.expo