She was cheeky, funny and incredibly curious. And she asked countless questions - about the world, about Switzerland and about Expo.02. One person always knew the answer: Cantor, the beetle that emerged from an amber. Lili always carries him around with her.

Age   She turned eight on 16 May 2002
Gender   Female
Family   Her grandparents live by a small lake at the foot of a mountain. Her parents have a strange job They are overbookers (overemployed)
Place of residence   The city
Character   Dreamy, extremely curious and cheeky
Favourite colour   Orange, the only colour you can eat
Favourite game   Heads or tails
Favourite saying   Why?
Special feature   Her gaze reflects the colour of the sky
Favourite sound   The sound of a modem dialling into the internet
Favourite song   Eskimo songs
Favourite book       Harry Potter - Volume 7
Favourite sport   Kite flying
Favourite object         A yellow amber pebble that houses the scarab Cantor, the girl's familiar
Favourite dish      Oven-baked corn on the cob sprinkled with sugar and various spices (from a secret recipe)
Favourite sensation   Cotton candy that melts in your mouth
Favourite place   A headland on Belle-île-en-Mer, where the highest waves in the world break (and from where you can see pirate ships at night)
Favourite friends   Cantor

Photos: © Tronics Animated Design