Light - Warmth - Movement

Magie de l'énergie

How do you make light, heat and movement out of water

Energy is produced and is consumed. It obeys the laws of nature. One can say that it is part of these laws – the driving force behind technological progress and the raw material of our economic system. But this does not tell us what energy really is. How do you make light, heat and movement out of water? The flow of energy is as powerful as it is invisible. What we actually see are the results of its constant transformations.

The glistening building is completely covered with copper sheeting. Inside, the copper is unvarnished and will eventually oxidize and change colour during the 159 days of Expo.02. Right at the entrance, we hear the unmistakable sound of a waterfall roaring through the hall. It is artificial of course, but provides a demonstration of the colossal, unbridled energy of water.

Then comes the show, a mixture of dance, music, light – and magic. Energy comes across as the art of combining all things effortlessly, and water becomes the elixir of wonderment. In the third and last part of Magie de l’énergie, we are treated to a most entertaining display of our dependence on energy, with an orchestra of household appliances swinging to the sounds of shavers and toasters. Nature has definitely become art.


Visitor capacity per day

Total visitors

AlpHydro – the main electricity enterprises of Western Switzerland

Idea, concept, design
Bellprat Associates AG (new: Bellprat Partner AG), Zurich

Content, scenography
Bellprat Associates AG (new: Bellprat Partner AG) (Xavier Bellprat, Madeleine Gentinetta, Christoph Gutmann, Richard Haenni, Siegfried Meier, Gertrud Ohling, Karin Vey), Zurich

Bellprat Associates AG (new: Bellprat Partner AG) (Jim Dudley, Andrea Clark), Zurich
Arge Weiss + Schmid Architekten (new: Schmid Architekten) / Lienhard & Uetz, Winterthur www, www,

Lighting design
Tokyoblue GmbH (Dietmar Borth, Serge Schmuki), Zurich

Sound architecture
Pius Morger

Christian Mattis

Household Equipment Orchestra
Ruedi Häusermann, Giuseppe Reichmuth, Philipp Läng

Realisation Pavilion
Nüssli (Schweiz) AG (Roger Egolf), Hüttwilen www.nussli,com

Exhibition construction
Glarner Waldvogel, Birmensdorf

Electrical engineering
Elektro Rhyner AG (Patrick Rhyner), Glarus

Water technology
Schneider Aquatec SA (Daniel Häfeli), Berne

DBCOM (Agnès Margot), Lausanne
Mixacom (Adeline Beaux), Lausanne
The Creative Factory

Project management
Martin Rohr

Steering committee
Jean-Marc Narbel
Max-François Roth
Georges Duvanel
Gian Rechsteiner
Xavier Bellprat
Martin Rohr
Adeline Beaux

Coaching Expo.02
Armin Heusser (Head)
Michelle Dedelley

Operations and Administration
Les Electriciens Romands

Operations Management
Adeline Beaux (Operations Manager)
Claude Comte (Deputy Manager)
Anne Schlittler Shivani (Deputy Manager)
Gian Rechsteiner (Technical Manager)
Sonia Le Grand Hayoz (Operations Manager)
Jean-Louis Besson (Technical Assistant)
Julien Haenny (Events Manager)

Lisa Bergen, Damaris Gerber, Aurelia Jaquier (Team Leader), Yvonne Junod, Cyril Lafranchi (Team Leader), Lucienne Magri

Photos: Press kit Magie de l'énergie; © Archive Frédérique Mouchet; © Lucas Keel; © Andreas Mosimann