Max is a bon vivant, always up for a joke and always ready to puzzle you. Max is wise. For him, life is a path of initiation in which chance plays the leading role. He believes that life can take a different turn at any time. Max loves puzzles. And he is a master of the dice game.

Age   60 years
Gender   Male
Place of residence   Cube of Eternity on the water
Character   Connoisseur, cheerful and mysterious
Favourite colour   Ochre, brown
Favourite game   Ladder game
Favourite saying   Chance is the shortest way to destiny
Special feature   Wears an old frock coat with a dice printed on it
Favourite sound   The sound of larches in the wind
People who make him dream   The Sphinx, Merlin, Yoda in Star Wars
Favourite artist            Mask carver from the Lötschental, Mozart
Favourite place   Mountains, forests, labyrinth
Favourite friends   Vélikan, a giant as big as a mountain; Achtept, the cube with a hundred thousand faces; figures from ladder games; huge, unpredictable catfish
Connections with the Arteplage Murten-Morat
Theme   Instant and Eternity
Symbol   A cube on the water
Symbolic game   Dice games. They symbolise the path to infinity and the randomness of life (ladder game, goose game, etc.)

Photos: © Tronics Animated Design