Europanto and the Art of Communication

Media Cut

Communication – life is full of communication, whether it be verbal or non-verbal. Aren't there always a number of lingering questions concerning communication? Has my listener understood me? Has a reader known how to interpret a message properly? What language should we use to communicate with each other within Switzerland? Within Europe?

The artist/architect team of Diller and Scofidio has incorporated these questions and artistically rendered them in their work. Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio found the seeming contradiction between technology and nature so fascinating that they imbedded their project - Media Cut - into a grassy, flowered knoll. To the right and left of the valley inside this artificial hill there are oversized screens showing the lips of a man and a woman. They are moving, having a conversation. The dialog causes confusion since their communication is incomplete, and this incompleteness makes it unsatisfying.
Europanto - an artificial language

Ricardo Scofidio and Elizabeth Diller are presenting a world premiere in their work: Europanto, an artificial language pieced together from German, French, Italian, Spanish, English and Latin, is being spoken for the first time. In selecting Europanto, this pair of artists wants to emphasize the cultural and linguistic diversity found in Switzerland.

Spectators feel moved by the lips - maybe even consumed. They become both observers and participants. Their own interpretations finish off the piece, through their thoughts as spectators they become witnesses. Media Cut points out the difficulties of communication in a playful, even surreal manner.


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Sunrise Communications AG, Zurich 

Concept, Content
Diller & Scofidio, New York, United States

Douglas Cooper

Translation into Europanto (a newly created language)
Diego Marani

Dana Watkins
Abi Maryan

Project management
Matthew Johnson
Dirk Hebel

Technical Advisor
Ben Rubin

Coaching Expo.02
Sergio Cavero

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