The Alpine Expo 2027+


The National Exhibition in the Alps

The Alps are the cradle of myth and the projection surface of Switzerland. Although most of the population lives on the Plateau, the Alps are the political, cultural and historical backbone of Switzerland. The Swiss Alps make up almost 60% of the country's surface.

The peaks and passes symbolise a proud Switzerland, which asserts itself to the rest of the world through its innovative strength and pragmatism. The Swiss National Exhibition Muntagna will be a testing ground in a challenging landscape. New ways of working and living are needed, as well as cultural and leisure facilities and a sustainable economy and mobility.

Muntagna represents:

  • The first national exhibition in the Swiss Alps;
  • The first national exhibition in Ticino and Romansh;
  • The first multi-annual national exhibition in Swiss history;
  • Compared to Expo.02, Muntagna is subject to an adapted financial and content development control from the very beginning;
  • Muntagna connects the regions and creates sustainable added value for the Swiss mountain regions as an independent economic and living space.

Muntagna intervenes on different levels:

  • The Alps as a decentralised living, working and leisure space
  • Renewed and sustainable working and business models
  • Mobility and communication with intelligent organisation in the context of international developments
  • Association of the Alpine region with Swiss urban centres
  • Preservation of the beauty and biodiversity of the Alps by protecting nature
  • Living and presenting cultures and traditions, and thereby creating new sustainable elements
  • The Alps as an independent economic and living space (not a nature reserve).

Muntagna as a catalyst for ideas and innovations in future regional policy.

Muntagna is a reminder of the power of the Alps, of tranquillity, strength, contemplation, creativity and permanent development. It evokes the essence of Switzerland.

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