Natan is a boy of today. He has never known the typewriter, and for him the Internet has always existed. He loves transformations and thinks that the world has to be constantly recreated, that no reality is as good as the one he creates himself. He is egocentric. Natan is a master of video games.

Age   14 years
Gender   Male
Place of residence   Artificial reed
Character   Imaginative, self-centred
Favourite colour   Neon green
Favourite game   All video games, Photoshop, Morphing, Tangram
Favourite saying   I'm never game over
Special feature   Metal arms and legs, blue hair
Favourite sound   Sound of magnetic interference
People who make him dream   Robin in Batman, the heroes of Dragonball, Mr Jack in Nightmare before Christmas
Favourite artist            H.R. Giger (set designer of Alien), Keith Harring
Favourite place   Silicon Valley, Atlantis
Favourite friends   Nimica (a living tangram), hundreds of monsters that Natan creates himself every five minutes
Connections with the Arteplage Neuchâtel
Theme   Nature and Artificiality
Symbol   Artificial reeds
Symbolic game   Video game. The world of video games and synthetic images is creating ever more believable realities. The boundary between nature and artificiality is fading.

Photos: © Tronics Animated Design