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NEXPO & X27: Media release

Together on the way to the national exhibition

NEXPO and X27 have agreed to cooperate as the first national exhibition projects in a joint declaration. joint declaration on cooperation. This paves the way for a paved for a joint Expo candidacy. A merger of the projects is in line with the wishes of the Federal Council and the cantons.

There are currently several Expo initiatives underway that are candidates for the next national exhibition. This is different from the situation at the last five national national expositions, where only a single candidature was submitted in the end. That is why the Confederation and the cantons made it clear in their position 29.06.2022, that a collaboration or merging of the projects should be sought. This step was taken by NEXPO, the initiative of the 10 largest Swiss cities, and X27, an association of future makers in Switzerland.

Open to cooperation with other Expo initiatives

According to those responsible for the project, the cooperation between NEXPO and X27 is just the beginning. "We are open to further cooperation. The other initiatives are invited to actively work with us on a convincing joint candidacy," confirmed Christina Hanke, Commercial Director of NEXPO, and Peter Sauter, Co-President of X27, at the signing of their declaration. NEXPO and X27 are already in talks with other Expo initiatives.

The path of cooperation is set

"It is not competition that is needed now for the national exhibition, but cooperation", says Christina Hanke. The chances of a commitment from the federal government and the cantons have been cooperation: "The joint candidature we are striving for is not only in the candidacy is not only in the interest of the Confederation and the cantons, which want the projects to go hand in hand. It is also perfectly in line with the and cantons on 29.06.22 for a national exhibition". From now on, the two projects will work together in terms of content and communication. As soon as the Confederation has defined the framework conditions for holding the national exhibition and NEXPO has been awarded the contract in 2024, X27 will also be integrated into the organisationally integrated into NEXPO. Projects developed by X27 National Exhibition projects developed by X27 are then to be implemented within the framework of NEXPO

Same vision of a decentralised and sustainable national exhibition 

In fact, X27 and NEXPO share the same vision of a Switzerland-wide, participatory and sustainable national exhibition, which will provide impulses for sustainable coexistence in sustainable coexistence in Switzerland in the 21st century. "The clear idea, that this time the national exhibition should take place throughout Switzerland and be developed with the population is unique in the history of national exhibitions and is in line with the times. National Exhibitions and corresponds to the spirit of the times," says Peter Sauter. NEXPO and X27 are the perfect partners for a national exhibition. They pursue the same objectives in a complementary way. Both focus on the diversity and cohesion of Switzerland at the centre". The fact that this orientation corresponds to the wishes of the population was confirmed by a representative survey conducted in the summer of 2022: The most important thing for the respondents was that the national exhibition strengthens Switzerland's cohesion and encourages people to discover other parts of the country. There was also strong support for a participatory approach in which the population is involved in the design of the national exhibition. According to the survey, the new the new national exhibition should be significantly less expensive than Expo.02 and be as be as climate-neutral as possible.

About NEXPO - the new Expo

The initiative of the ten largest Swiss cities for a new national exhibition is called NEXPO - the new Expo, because it will take on a completely new form: it will be sustainable, sustainable, future-oriented, decentralised and nationwide.
NEXPO today comprises 25 cities and municipalities in 17 cantons. In addition to the Basel, Bern, Biel, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich, NEXPO also includes Aarau, Chur, Frauenfeld, Fribourg, Grindelwald, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Pontresina, Porrentruy, Saas-Fee, Schaffhausen, Sion, St. Moritz, Uster and Zug. NEXPO is open to other members.

About X27

The project initiative X27 is the association of already active future makers in Switzerland and their projects. It consists of a network covering all parts of the country and the whole of society. Around 50 groups, organisations, institutions, companies and/or individuals are already working on the development and more than 200 other like-minded people have registered their interest in actively participating. active participation. The Bureau X27, the office, is supporting the movement of the Future Makers. The process for the upcoming national exhibition is currently being developed as a so-called learning journey through Switzerland, a an experimental space for the activities of the next national exhibition.