The two of us for 24 hours


The exhibition Oui! opens doors and perspectives for couples with an adventurous spirit. This is not an exhibition in the classic sense, nor is it an interactive installation. The focus is on couples. And it is the couples who decide whether their visit to Expo.02 will turn into a memorable experience.

Meeting, finding one another, embarking on a common path - Oui brings a "me" and a "you" together: for the space of a day, two human beings affirm their feelings of sympathy for each other - to themselves and others. But how do you find each other? And how do you express your feelings? You are helped by the knowledge that nothing is impossible. Old love can be rejuvenated, new love strengthened. Or perhaps new and tender feelings can be tested and proved during this day in Yverdon-les-Bains.

The path embarked on by two people at the exhibition leads out onto the lake, beneath the filigree lightness and festive colour of the colonnade that encircles the long, plain building. Finally, they receive a shining confirmation of their mutual sympathy, a symbol and proclamation of their union - for 24 hours. It is up to each couple to decide whether what happens in the 24 hours after this remains secret or is made public.


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Martin und Elisabeth Boesch Architekten, Zurich 

aggregat (Michael Hollstein, Tanja Gentina, Zurich

Object design
Frédéric Dedelley, Zurich

Sound design
Philippe Kocher, Zurich

Julieta Schildknecht, Zurich

Dramaturgy and clothing
Cie EventoSud, Lausanne

d.o.k.-Zerbini (Romano Zerbini), Zurich 

Project management
Fabritastika Gestaltungsatelier AG (Peter Sauter), Zurich 

Total contractor
Mobag AG (deleted) (Ali El-Bakkioui, Bruno Antonietti), Zurich

Civil engineer
WaltGalmarini AG, Zurich

Electrical enginee
Kuratli, Hansmann + Partner Elektroingenieure AG (deleted), Dietikon

HVAC planner
Basler Ernst + Partner AG (new: EBP Schweiz AG), Zurich

Master builder
VirtuellBau GmbH, St.Gallen

Assembly construction in wood
VirtuellBau GmbH, St.Gallen
Lehmann Arnegg AG, Arnegg

Electrical installations
Melcom AG, Wallisellen

Luminaires and lamps
Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG, Basel
Zumtobel Staff AG (new: Zumtobel Licht AG), Zurich

Ventilation systems
Axima Romandie SA (deleted), Lausanne

Ventilation systems
Alvazzi Yverdon SA, Yverdon-les-Bains

Interior doors metal
Record Türautomation AG, Fehraltorf

Floor coverings
Walo Bertschinger SA, St.Sulpice

Floor coverings (linoleum)
HKM SA, Fribourg

Wall coverings
MD Morandi AG, Erlenbach

Interior painting
Ivan Venticinque, Lausanne

Rotzler Krebs Partner GmbH (new: Krebs und Herde GmbH), Winterthur

Control system
B+T Bild+Ton AG, Rothenburg

IMS Info Management Systems AG (deleted), Winterthur
Tonart Audiotechnik, Lucerne

Interior curtains
Villiger Vorhänge AG (deleted), Zurich

Props (swivel chairs)
Meer AG, Berne

Props (sofas)
Blinden-Fürsorge-Verein Innerschweiz, Horw
Burri AG (new: Burri Public Elements AG), Glattbrugg

Light stick
Emil Mohr AG, Wetzikon
Omni Glow SA (new: Cyalume), Aix en Provence, France

Coaching Expo.02
Sergio Cavero (Head)
Jacqueline Häusler

Operations management
Nathalie Fragière
Christine Masserey

Marc Astori, Emir Ben Moussa, Sophie Bettex, Martin Daubner, Daniel Friedli, Michael Gehri, Martin Guldimann, Pierre Heim, Nicolas Jacot, Pierre-Alain Jost, Evi Kassimidis, Sylvianne Margot, Ludovic Martin, Martin Maurer, Catherine Prince, Janine Ramel, Annik Roche-Fragnière, Alberto Ruanocastillo, Rebecca Spinetti, Pierre-Yves Taillebois, Sophie Vallotton, Jasmine Veser, Carmen Widmer

Photos: Press kit Oui!, © Christoph Steudler; © Andreas Mosimann; © Beat Widmer; © Martin Lüchinger; © Michael Studt; © Urs Berwert; © Archive Ralph Ammann; © Philipp Zanatta