Models & scenography

Overall architectural concept

The then Directeur Techniquer of the National Exhibition, Paolo Ugolini, commissioned Carlos Martinez and Marco Köppel to conduct a feasibility study for the four Arteplages in Neuchâtel, Yverdon-les-Bains, Biel-Bienne and Murten-Morat, as well as the Arteplage Mobile du Jura.

The first part of the study involved developing project models for the individual sites and their mottos, which illustrate the dimensions and possible implementation of the so-called Arteplages, the exhibition sites, and give a first impression of the size and complexity of the exposition (models/preliminary study). 

The second part of the assignment comprised a scenography concept that unites the 70 different exhibition projects into formal thematic areas in terms of design. In the implementation, prototypes had to be developed that were different in terms of material, colour and form, technically functional and compliant with user guidelines. Criteria were primarily the architectural and aesthetic demands, the financial framework and durability. Together with video artists, scenographers, theatre designers and architects, intensive work was done over a period of months on structures, thematic circles, dramaturgy and the way through the exhibition. Three elaborate forums were created, whereby attention was paid to the catering and technical needs as well as the Entertainment Capacity Units - all in collaboration with the Direction Artistique of Expo.01.

It was clear from the beginning that this work would not be realised later, as the actual architectural competition was already being prepared in many places. However, the study formed the basis for the architects and served as a framework in terms of design, size, thematic implementation and visitor guidance.

Photos: © Carlos Martinez Architekten