Human or machine?


Close-up immersion in the world of robotics, insight into the brain of a robot and discovering the craziest possibilities that robotic technology has in store for us today and tomorrow: this and more is what the exhibition Robotics at the Arteplage Neuchâtel promises.

The exhibition aims to show that the distance between man and machine has become virtually zero. The exhibition tour guides, autonomous and interactive robots, lead visitors through the exhibition and teach them about the fascinating world of robotic technologies. The playful interaction and individual communication with the robots becomes the central experience in the exhibition.

Who is human, who is machine?

Robotics is a term that for a long time evoked in the general understanding hardly any other images than the human-like metal companions familiar from science fiction films and literature. Today, it is clear that robotic technologies have long since found their way into our everyday world.

A spider-like control machine carries out risky examinations for humans on the dam wall of the Grande Dixence, the lap dog no longer has to be walked and fed with dog biscuits, but only with electricity, hearing aids and visual aids directly connected to nerves make it possible to fully replace impaired sensory organs.

The exhibition thematises the distance between man and machine and poses the question of how man will live together with this high technology in the future and whether he will even be completely grown together with it: Whether the natural and the artificial as a pair of opposites will ever completely dissolve?


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Expo.02, Neuchâtel in collaboration with
EPFL, Lausanne 

ABB, Baden; J. Anklin AG, Binningen; BaBel Technologies, Mons, Belgium; Bluebotics, St-Sulpice; Autonomous Systems Lab, EPFL, Lausanne; Force Computers GmbH, Neubiberg, Germany; LAIP Université de Lausanne; LogObject AG, Zurich; Maxon Motor AG, Sachseln; Oracle Schweiz, Baden,; Dr. Jan F. Kukleta, Zurich; Dr. Martina Giarré, Zurich; SICK, Düsseldorf, Germany; XO/2, Zurich

fischteich, Aarau
Autonomous Systems Lab, EPFL, Lausanne

Realisation Robotics
EPFL, Lausanne 
Bluebotics, St-Sulpice

fischteich (Stephan Lichtensteiger), Aarau

Interior design
Holtmann GmbH & Co.KG, Langenhagen, Germany
Vehovar & Jauslin AG (Mateja Vehovar, Stefan Jauslin), Zürich
m+b architekten, Bern

Luigi Snozzi, Groisman & Snozzi (Luigi Snozzi, Gustavo Groisman, Sabina Snozzi), Locarno

Scenic buildings
Pius Tschumi

Project management Expo.02
Bernard Stebler

Coaching Expo.02
Armin Heusser (head)
Stefano Stoll

Operations management Trilogy
Domenico Bernabei (Operations Manager)
Thomas Meissner (Operations Manager)
Frédérique Mouchet (Deputy Operations Manager)
Christelle Wick (Debuty Operations Managert) 
Nikos Bühler (Assistant Operations Manager)
Dörte Desarzens (Assistant Operations Manager)
Emily Schofield (Assistant Operations Manager)

Ashley Barnes, Marion Berger, Isabelle Heughebaert, Jonathan Frigeri, Juri Jaquemet, Alexandre Lanz, Ali Mezouar, Jacques Ngoi, Doris Pützschler, Martine Wanner 

Kai Arras, Samir Bouabdallah, Daniel Burnier, Gilles Froidevaux, Xavier Greppin, Björn Jensen, Antoine Lorotte, Laetitia Mayor, Mathieu Meisser, Marie-Joe Pellaud, Roland Philippsen, Ralph Piguez, Guy Ramel, Martin Schild, Roland Siegwart, Grégoire Terrin, Nicola Tomatis

Daniel Brück (lighting technician), Jens Maaßen (technical all-rounder), Olaf Sörensen (video technician)

Dino Dillena, Laura Dillena, Noah Kellerhals, Esther Killer, Michael Lüthe, Plamen Prodanov, Florian Walder

Photos: Press kit Robotics; © fischteich, Aarau; © Archive Frédérique Mouchet