Event venue Arteplage Murten-Morat

Scène de Meyriez

The place for concerts with sound orchestras, jazz big bands and world music, for the Fribourg Canton Day or the weekend of the Yenish, Sinti and Roma. In the summer months of July and August, a wide-ranging open-air cinema is shown here. 

From the grandstand of the covered theatre with 800 seats, you can enjoy a view of the lake. The prefabricated, screwed supporting structure made of solid, glazed spruce wood was mounted on a concrete foundation on site. The rough and anonymous looking building refuses any allusion to contemporary architecture.


800 seats - covered 

Head of Events Arteplage Murten-Morat
Esther Widmer (Responsable Events)
Mathias Kreiner (Responsable Production)
Luzius Wieser (Responsable Technique)
Mathias Kreiner (Site Coordinator)
Christa Hahn (Responsable Administrative)
Alexandra Karpf (Responsable Logistique) 

Photos: © Philippe Ruault; © VBS/DDPS: Brigitte Feldmann