Event venue Arteplage Biel-Bienne

Scène du Rivage

Choirs, folk and brass bands from Switzerland gather on the Scène du Rivage. In addition, German-speaking comedy artists make the audience laugh.

The Scène du Rivage is a metal scaffolding construction with a covered stage and an open-air audience area. 


1'500 standing places - open air

Head of Events Arteplage Biel-Bienne
Christoph Stahel (Responsable Events)
Daniel Schneider (Responsable Production)
Laurent Sandoz (Responsable Technique)
Michael Kropf (Site Coordinator)
Yann Serez (Assistant Responsable Production)
René Buchor (Assistant Responsable Technique)
Nicole Gerber (Responsable Administrative)
Thomas Drengwitz (Responsable Administrative) 

Photos: © Andreas Mosimann; © Philipp Zanatta; are still missing - send us yours! expo.02(at)ex-expo.ch