Laughter is healthy

Source of Laughter

The Source of Laughter was an installation by Health Promotion Switzerland, created as part of the FeelYourPower campaign. The Laughter Labyrinth is a kind of antipole and complement to SIGNALPAIN. Both projects wanted to promote people's well-being and health.

The labyrinth was located on one of the artificial hills of the Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains. Margarites bloomed on the slopes, and thuja hedges formed a labyrinth at the top of the small platform. On their way to the exhibitions, the visitors heard various kinds of laughter coming from hidden loudspeakers at the foot of the hill. Curious, they made their way along the small paths that led up to the labyrinth. There they heard the laughter coming from the middle of the garden. The hedges were only about a metre high and they quickly found their way to the centre. Here, in the middle of a small round square, they discovered it, the source of laughter: themselves. The visitors looked down into a round mirror and a hearty laugh rang out to them. 

It became clear that the source of laughter is ultimately to be found in ourselves. But other associations were also possible: for example, that cheerfulness comes from a cosmic source of abundance. It could be that the interior of the earth or the universe is full of laughter and that now is the time for people to take up this laughter ...


Idea and implementation
Health Promotion Switzerland (Peter Burri, Kathrin Kiener, Roland Schutzbach), Berne

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