A scenic railway

Strangers in Paradise

A train ride through Swiss clichés

Strangers in Paradise makes it possible to experience how great the cultural and social diversity of Switzerland is. On the entertaining ride through an imaginary Switzerland, visitors can check their personal image of Switzerland.

Anyone who wants to experience and understand Switzerland must want to experience and understand diversity - the diversity of languages, of regions, of cultural differences. Diversity is the real wealth of the country. Diversity manifests itself in ideas about Switzerland, in myths and legends, in clichés and enemy images, in longings and hopes that we share or dispute.

The images in Strangers in Paradise complement or contradict each other, challenge, surprise or amuse. In this way, everyone can examine their own image of Switzerland. Anyone who wants to can create a new one. Because everyone has the right to their own image of Switzerland.

Like when you were a child

In Strangers in Paradise, visitors sit in system-controlled shopping trolleys. They glide through a three-storey building for eleven minutes. Audio-visual means, sound installations, special effects and objects are used to create the rooms. The exhibition invites visitors to experience Switzerland with the openness and playfulness of a child. Just like when you sat in your shopping trolley and the consumer paradise passed you by.

Swiss happiness

Strangers in Paradise, for example, shows an image of Switzerland that is suitable for the majority in a supermarket of ideals. In large showcases, the luck of the Swiss is presented: a lush, lifelike cow, a stable political system, shiny gold bars. At the same time, the room reveals a flaw: this is not the whole of Switzerland. Below lies the counter-world, a space staged as an underground car park. Here, those repressed images that do not fit into the comfortable clichés find their place.

But Switzerland also takes place in the mountains - the place that captures the most native dreams. When images of street fights appear in the fog, marking the end of tolerance and consensus. When Heidi sleeps on an artificially created mountain meadow. Or when a swinging duel is interpreted as a symbol of the perpetual clash of opinions.


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The Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Zurich www.migros.ch 

Project Management the Federation of Migros Cooperatives
Jana Caniga

Project management and direction
Christoph Stratenwerth

Meret Ernst, Michel Schaltenbrand, Christoph Stratenwerth

Michel Schaltenbrand, Zurich www.schaltenbrand.ch 

Meret Ernst

GFA Gruppe für Architektur GmbH (Ingrid Burgdorf, Barbara Burren), Zurich www.g-f-a.ch

Collaboration architecture
Lars Kundert, Tobias Vetter

Coordination and execution
BGS & Partner Architekten AG (Heinz Gmür), Rapperswil-Jona www.bgs-architekten.ch

Railway development and production
Swisslog Translift AG (deleted), Kriens

Project management railway
Stefan Felder

Equipment management
Blendwerk (Dominic Huber, Kerstin Budde), Zurich www.blendwerk.ch 

Music and sound
Knut Jensen

Frank Hinzmann

Costumes staff
Elisabeth Schubiger

Anne-Rose Schwab

Collaboration figures
Irène Strobl, Jakob Walter Peier, Gerlinde Irmann (costumes)

Video films
Point de Vue (Reinhard Manz, Arthur Manz, Franz Schnyder), Basel www.pointdevue.ch 

Video technology
iArt AG (Valentin Spiess, Hanspeter Giuliani, Claude Hidber, Walter Seiler), Basel www.iart.ch 

Sound technology
Greenwood Studios (new: G-Studios AG) (Glenn Mueller, Ron Kurz, René Lafferma), Nunningen www.greenwood-studios.com 

Production assistance exhibition
Anne Wauschkuhn

Assistance exhibition design
Vanessa Belz, Chantal Kull

Exhibition realisation
Installation management

Frank Hinzmann

Amir, Asady, Christoph Grüning, Michel Jann, Maria Manzolini, Jürgen Schmid, Thomas Kohler

Wood and steel construction
Cara Industriesysteme, Moosbach, Austria www.cara.at

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Georg Bringolf, Kati Perriard

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Josef Schibig, Steinen www.sculptor.ch

Flower meadow
Sämereien-Zentrum Niderfeld (Christian Burri, Johannes Burri), Winterthur

Model construction of single-family houses
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Animation hedgehogs, uniforms
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Animal preparator
Hans-Peter Walther

Animation cow
Cornelius de Fries, Urs Schröttenthaler

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Construction building
Construction management Biel-Bienne

Marcel Känzig

Advice hydraulic engineering
Andreas Huber

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Stefan Kiefer, Berlin, Germany

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Specialist planner for electrical and plumbing systems
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Specialist planner for HVAC
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Specialist planner facade
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Construction work
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Staircase system
Goma Matter AG, Rümlang www.goma.ch

Coaching Expo.02
Pidu Russek (Head)
Karin Hilzinger

Operations Management
Manfred Ellenberger (Pavilion Manager)
Ariane Lang (Communications Manager)
Konrad Habegger (Human Resources Pavilion)

Photos: Press kit Strangers in Paradise; © Schaltenbrand; © Jürg Frei; © Andreas Mosimann; © Simon Richard; © Philipp Zanatta