Love - simply complicated


Swiss everyday stories against a romantic backdrop - unusually told with warmth, wit and irony: that is the SwissLove exhibition. In a cinema, viewers are spoilt for choice and can put together the plot according to their own ideas. In the process, they experience a few surprises.

The film is set in the mountains of Graubünden. People from four generations and all language regions of Switzerland meet in a cosy hotel. They all have their own stories that bring them together in this place. But what happens there to the teenager Lisa and the young waiter Reto? What becomes of the old childhood love? Who does the successful banker choose? What is the wedding dress all about?

In the labyrinth of cinema halls

SwissLove begins with a preliminary film in which all the characters are introduced. Afterwards, the viewers decide for themselves which character they want to follow further through the story. They can choose from four different continuation episodes - when the episode is over, there are four more to choose from. In this way, visitors can decide a total of three times what their personal story should look like. In the process, they cover very different routes in the labyrinth of the twelve cinemas. Unexpected twists and turns create suspense and make us realise how often - and not only in the cinema - our own prejudices shape our encounters with other people.

Four films, twelve rooms, one universe: love - simply complicated.


Visitor capacity per day

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Rentenanstalt Swiss Life (new: Swiss Life AG), Zurich  

Overall responsibility
Rentenanstalt Swiss Life (new: Swiss Life AG) (Dr. Felix Fingerhuth), Zurich  

Project management
Astrid Bollmann


Concept, artistic advice
Grischa Duncker

Film production
Maximage GmbH, Zurich 

Film crew
Fulvio Bernasconi (director), Grischa Duncker (screenplay), Thomas Hardmeier (camera), Pepo Wirthensohn (production manager), André Pinkus (lighting), Fabrizio Nicora (set design), Patrick Becker (sound), Carole Favre (costumes), Simone Pfluger (make-up), Alberto Eisenhardt (editing), Alex Kirschner (music)

Soraya Gomaa, Massimo di Michele, Aurora Lucia Sardo, Marino Campanaro, Natasha Sapey, Valentin Rossier, Reto Baumgartner, Noemi Steuer, Hanspeter Bader, Pascale Siegrist, Manuel Teuscher, Heidi Maria Glössner, Hans-Joachim Frick, Hansjörg Betschart, Sabina Joseph-Eppler, Daniel Mezger, Urs Bosshard

Andrin Schweizer & Partner Architekten, Zurich
Ralph Meury Architekten, Zurich

Siegfried E. Mayer

Realisation Scenography
Bill Krog

Visual design
WIRZ Identity (Mario Ferrara), Zurich 

Go-between communications GmbH, Zurich  

Animated film
SWAMP GmbH, Lucerne

Project management
reflecta AG, Berne 

General contractor
Garzoni SA, Lugano

Wooden structure, doors
Laube SA, Biasca

Sanitary facilities
Reganely SA, Yverdon-les-Bains

Power supply
Atel SA (new: Alpiq AG), Olten

Low-voltage current
Spinelli SA, Massagno

Lighting fixtures
Regent Illuminazione SA, Cadempino

Lighting control
Electric Claudio Merlo Lightning Equipment SA, Taverne

Ventilation system
Zellweger Luwa SA (deleted), Crissier

Sprinkler system, fire system, burglar alarm system
Tyco Integrated Systems SA, Manno

Fire protection insulation
Bioley Isolations SA, Yverdon-les-Bains

Flat roof insulation
Etanchéité 2000 SA, Renens

Plastering, painting
Livio Bubola SA (deleted), Taverne

J.-C. Chambettaz Carrelages et Chapes SA, Marly

PU coverings
Fetaxid AG, Altbüron

Lower ceiling cinema halls
Plafor SA, Bedano

Needle felt, wall coverings, curtains
Inneneinrichtung Rolf Cathrein, Egg

Ascensori Schindler SA, Bioggio

Cinema equipment
Bild+Ton AG, Ebikon

Locksmith work railings
Ed. Keller, Kirchberg

Locksmith work plinth façade
Robert Borin, Bussigny

Glass partition walls
Galvolux SA, Bioggio
Tecno Montaggi SA, Bioggio

Mecacryl GmbH, Neftenbach

Door closers, cylinders
Ikon (Suisse) SA (gelöscht), Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

PVC membrane
Rutschi Ticino SA, Cadempino

Scotchprint films
Rutschi Zürich AG, Zurich

Media contact Rentenanstalt Swiss Life 
Andrea Nadler-Glückler, Rentenanstalt Swiss Life (new: Swiss Life AG), Zurich

Coaching Expo.02
Sergio Cavero (head)
Jacqueline Häusler

caduff-consulting - catch your job (deleted), Zurich

Operations management
Matthias Schmutz

Martin Born, Boris Buzek, Alexandra Cicco, Oscar Conz, Nadja Doebeli, Jonas Erni, Ana Gonçalves, Kim Gysi, Anina Heidemann, Evelyne Hörler, Marc Lechmann, Adrian Matter, Brunella Medugno, Karin Merian, Daniel Reiser, Dominique Rohner, Roman Scheibli, Claudia Schnyder, Reto Stalder, Daniel Stössel, Denis Tehlar, Daniel Ueltschi, Daniela Vordermann, Sharon Weinstock

Photos: Press kit SwissLove; © Michael Studt; © Philipp Zanatta