Event venue Arteplage Biel-Bienne

Theater Mummenschanz

The world-famous St. Gallen mime troupe Mummenschanz will be present for the entire duration of Expo.02. The Mummenschanz are working on a new short programme that will be performed during the day as an Expo.02 special. In addition, the public can attend workshops or take a look behind the scenes at public rehearsals. Collages from films featuring Mummenschanz or about the troupe's work will reveal further aspects of this fascinating world. The evening programmes are performed by the Mummenschanz or by friendly national and international guest artists, such as the clown Gardi Hutter.

The prefabricated, industrial wooden structure, 39.20 m long by 15.00 m wide and 13.30 m high, is designed for continued use after Expo.02 at another location. The technical equipment meets the requirements for professional theatre performances, but the building is also used for film screenings, concerts and conferences. The WC facilities and the foyer are located under the rising rows of seats.


480 seats

Swiss Lotto

in cooperation with the Mummenschanz Foundation, St.Gallen www.mummenschanz.com 

Project Management Expo.02 - Events
Emilio Schläpfer

Head of Events Arteplage Biel-Bienne
Christoph Stahel (Responsable Events)
Daniel Schneider (Responsable Production)
Laurent Sandoz (Responsable Technique)
Michael Kropf (Site Coordinator)
Yann Serez (Assistant Responsable Production)
René Buchor (Assistant Responsable Technique)
Nicole Gerber (Responsable Administrative)
Thomas Drengwitz (Responsable Administrative) 

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