Promotional video


Product   Video
Title   Ticketverkauf
Subtitle   Achterbahn
Bungee Jump
Production   Expo.02, Neuchâtel
Client   Expo.02, Neuchâtel
Year   15.09.2001
Language   German
Remarks   Other charms on offer?
The older lady on the roller coaster, the young man bungee jumping, the attractive woman looking at stripping men - they all have one thing in common: they soon start to get bored. Are you tired of yawning too? Expo.02 provides new challenges, ideas and stimuli. Let yourself be surprised!
But before you do, take a look at the Expo.02 TV spots, which were shown on the TV stations SF DRS 1 and 2, TSR 1 and TSI in autumn 2001.