Yolanda probably comes from Africa. She claims to have been born on the heaven field of a magical game of heaven and hell. Everything surprises and delights her. When Yolanda looks at a daisy, she sees the whole universe around it: the sun, the chlorophyll, the bees, the pollen, the roots and the rain. She lives in a cloud; she is a master kite flyer.

Age   17 years
Gender   Female
Place of residence   A cloud
Character   Dreamy, curious, flirtatious
Favourite colour   Colour Pink and the colour of skin
Favourite game   Flying kites, marbles, boomerang, jokary, heaven and hell game
Favourite saying   Kisses
Special feature   Necklaces, jewellery
Favourite sound   Her own laughter
People who make him dream   Kate Winslet, Leonardo di Caprio, E.T., Pikachu
Favourite artist            Niki de Saint Phalle, Ginger Rogers
Favourite place   Zambezi Falls, Night in the Desert, Northern Lights
Favourite friends   The lucky ones (spinning top women), the Werbinichwohl and the Bagatelle (living kites)
Connections with the Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains
Theme   Me and the Universe
Symbol   A cloud
Symbolic game   The flying kite. It symbolises our spirit of discovery

Photos: © Tronics Animated Design