Arteplage Murten-Morat

Theme: Instant and Eternity

The exhibitions in Murten-Morat are distributed over a large area and blend in almost imperceptibly with the little town and the surrounding countryside. Jean Nouvel, who is responsable for the architecture of the Murten Arteplage, based his concept of the principle of concealment and camouflage.

A pile of tree trunks, an inconspicuously conspicuous cone of gravel, sand ramparts and pebbles on the beach: Jean Nouvel's architecture is thoroughly in keeping with the principle of camouflage, with disguising and hiding. The exhibitions on the shores of Lake Murten hide like pearls in a seemingly unobtrusive outer skin, and the monolith, a cube of rusty metal in the centre of the lake, presents a striking contrast to the exhibition landscape.

Accessible by four small boats that sail from the cypress-lined shore, the Monolith comprises two panoramas expressive of the field of tension between tradition and change. Some visitors may be reminded of Arnold Böcklins famous painting The Island of the Dead on their boat trip to the huge cube.

Team Arteplage Murten-Morat Expo.02
Head of Arteplage: Hans Flückiger
Debuty head of Arteplage: Henri Rochat
Construction manager: Martin Gerber
Operations managers: Stéphane Betticher, Alfred Lauener, Michel Kuenzli
Exhibition managers: Danielle Nanchen, Christian Brändle
Head of Events: Esther Widmer
Media officers: Marcel Marti, Catherine Lüscher

Event venues

Events are an important pillar of Expo.02 and offer a wide variety of daily and nightly entertainment: a multitude of events, shows and performances will take place during Expo.02.

They cover a wide range of artistic fields and many sports disciplines. Encounters are in the foreground, as is the dialogue between cultures and generations, between tradition and the avant-garde. In addition to the well-known names, the events promise many surprises and invite you to make discoveries. A wide variety of small and large-scale productions will entertain visitors during the day and evening and will wrap the Arteplages in a festive atmosphere. 


In Murten-Morat the overall theme of the exhibitions is "Instant and Eternity". Distributed throughout the old city centre and along the lake shore, their structure and content relates to existing buildings. Tick those exhibitions you want to include in your personal programme of attractions.

Inbetweens: Art and other projects

In addition to exhibitions in the classical sense, there are also projects which fall between art and events.


Expo.02 offered visitors a full range of catering from breakfast to single malt whiskey at the bar. The wide range of catering on offer at the Arteplage had something for every budget.