Expo.02 in figures

How many naked people had their picture taken by the New York artist Spencer Tunick on the Arteplage Neuchâtel? How many people visited Expo.02 on 01.08.2002, and how many litres of waste water did the Arteplage Mobile du Jura have to dispose of?

Answers to these and other questions can be found here. 


1 National Exhibition took place in the Three-Lakes Region in 2002
2 Languages, German (Bern and Fribourg) French (Bern, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Vaud), are spoken in the Expo.02 cantons.
3 lakes (Lake Biel, Lake Murten and Lake Neuchâtel) characterise the landscape of the Expo.02 region
4 Arteplage cities (Biel-Bienne, Murten-Morat, Neuchâtel and Yverdon-les-Bains) made themselves available to host Expo.02
5 Arteplages in 5 cantons welcomed Expo.02 visitors
5 Expo.02 provided information in just as many languages - German, French, Italian, Romansh and English
6 Iris boats transported Expo.02 visitors on the three lakes - the catamarans had been specially built for Expo.02 and transported from La Rochelle in France to the Three Lakes Region
7 directors (men) had the President of the Direction Générale of Expo.02, Nelly Wenger, at her side
8 characters live in the world of the Expo.02-mascot Lili: Cantor, Wolör, Big Boss, Natan, Yolanda, Jo, Max and, of course, Lili
9 Expo.02 shops were closed during the Expo.02 and converted into restaurants, rest areas and exhibition venues
10 centimetres higher the Panorama of the Battle of Murten became during the restoration work and the exhibition period during Expo.02 - due to the weights needed to hang up the painting
11 CHF per Expo.02 visitor spent on food and drink on average
12 official partners supported the Expo.02
13 The Mésoscaphe, the world's first tourist submarine and the main attraction of the 1964 Expo, spent 13 months on the Arteplage Murten-Morat
13 the average number of times season pass holders visited Expo.02
14 radio stations took part in the Radio-Newspool project initiated by Biel's local radio station Canal 3; they produced a total of 900 broadcast minutes on the subject of Expo.02
15 on this day in May 2002, 15.05.2002, the Expo.02 was opened - the opening ceremony cost CHF 15 million
16 members of the Expo.02 General Assembly
18 ATMs were available to the public at the Arteplages
19 Canton Days took place; almost all Swiss cantons as well as Liechtenstein and the state of Baden-Württemberg presented themselves at Expo.02
19 just as many captains steered the Iris boats
20 the Expo.02 closed its doors on the 20.10.2002
23 speakers appeared on the Arteplage Mobile du Jura (AMJ) (including 1 Federal Councillor and 3 former Federal Councillors)
25 stages were available on all Arteplages
28 fires started on the Arteplages, but they were always extinguished in time
30 years of the Mummenschanz ensemble during Expo.02
34 metres high, wide and deep was the monolith, of the rusty cube planned by the French architect Jean Nouvel on the Arteplage Murten-Morat
35 The smallest tower on the Arteplage Biel-Bienne was 35 metres high; the other two were 38.00 and 42.70 metres respectively
37 Expo.02 had a total of 37 exhibitions
38 restaurants and bars were available to Expo.02 visitors
48 CHF were the price of a 1-day pass for Expo.02
50 fights had to be settled on the Arteplages during Expo.02
50 This is how many metres the mermaids at the opening ceremony had to swim in 6 minutes during a test, proving that they could also move very slowly in the water
53 % of the admission tickets were sold in advance at Expo.02
56 kilograms of crème slices were eaten at the Arteplage Mobile du Jura (AMJ)
60 million CHF were paid by the Swiss cantons to Expo.02
61 times the Federal Councillors visited the Arteplages
62 turnstiles counted visitors at the Arteplages entrances
72 sunny days were recorded at Expo.02 during 159 exhibition days
78 % of the artists appearing at the Expo.02 are Swiss or live in Switzerland
79 % of the Swiss population would like to see a national exhibition again, according to the survey
88 thefts were recorded in total during the Expo.02
90 % of all visitors were satisfied or very satisfied with Expo.02
96 % of all visitors gave the Expo.02 staff a good or very good grade
96 CHF for the last-minute Expo.02 pass
99 CHF for the 3-day Expo.02 pass in advance sales
100 is the "Panorama of the Battle of Murten" long
104 metres is the diameter of the largest Galet (pebble) of the Arteplage Neuchâtel
145 grams of waste produced by each visitor on average
159 Expo.02 lasted 159 days; from 15 May to 20 October 2002
160 truckloads of material were brought to the Arteplages every day on average
168 SOS buttons were available on the Arteplages for emergencies
170 kilometres of developed and signposted cycle paths connected the four Expo.02 cities beyond Expo.02 - pure sustainability, thanks to the "Human Powered Mobility" project!
177 toilet containers were available during Expo.02 and 500'000 rolls of toilet paper and 21'000 litres of liquid soap were needed
198 Swiss francs for pre-sale season passports and 240 Swiss francs during Expo.02
200 During the dismantling, 200 workers were employed on each Arteplage
236 piles anchored in the bottom of the lake supported the platform of the Arteplage Biel-Bienne.
240 CHF for season passports during Expo.02 and 198 Swiss francs in pre-sale
250 cash desks were located on all Arteplages
260 people were employed for cleaning work during Expo.02
300 visitors to the exhibition "Un Ange Passe" at the Arteplage Murten-Morat answered the question "Who am I for God?"
350 tonnes weighed the three towers, the icons of the Arteplage Biel-Bienne
378 volunteers accompanied people with disabilities on all the Arteplages
401 litres of fuel were consumed by the big Iris boats per hour and ship on average; that's one litre per hour and passenger
427 publications with a total circulation of 575 million copies were issued by Expo.02
439 events were not included in the Expo.02 ticket. For these events, the spectators needed a corresponding event ticket to participate.
480 pillars supported the platform of the Arteplage Neuchâtel
579 children went missing during the Expo.02 (and were found again)
626 people had to be taken to hospital during l'Expo.02
766 fire extinguishers were available at all Arteplages
800 Swiss francs for a room at the luxury Hotel Palafitte in Neuchâtel
900 minutes of broadcasting were produced by the radio news pool on the subject of Expo.02
1’150 beds were available in the 113 tents of the Tipi Tent Villages in Neuchâtel and Ins, and the Expo was able to record 94,026 overnight stays.
1’280 Human Powered Vehicles (bicycles, recumbent bicycles, slipstream trailer bicycles, inline skates, etc.) could be rented at 5 bike stations, of the 800 rented bicycles (only) 7 were stolen
1’400 naked people were photographed by the New York artist Spencer Tunick on the Arteplage Neuchâtel
2’001 this was the year the Expo was originally supposed to take place (then still Expo.01)
2’120 events took place on the stages of the Arteplage Murten-Morat
3’000 Roseaux (artificial reeds), glowing at night, surrounded the platform of the Arteplage Neuchâtel
3’330 patients needed medical attention during the Expo.02
3’379 events took place on the stages of the Arteplage Biel-Bienne
3’638 events took place on the stages of the Arteplage Neuchâtel
3’686 different keys were needed for Expo.02 in total
4’424 events took place on the stages of the Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains
4’800 additional trains were provided by the SBB-CFF for the transport of Expo.02 visitors
5’000 litres of lake water were pumped per minute for the Cloud of the Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains, which spat them out in tiny, filtered and purified droplets, distributed by the 33'000 nozzles spread over the metal structure
5’082 children were cared for in the guardianship service at the Arteplage Biel-Bienne
6’042 trips were made by the Iris boats on the three lakes
6’855 guided tours of the exhibitions were conducted
9’000 seats were available in restaurants of the Expo.02
9’595 lost objects were found and handed in (of which 3'693 were returned to their owners)
10’000 cubic metres of fir wood were needed for the construction of the platforms of the Arteplage Biel-Bienne and Arteplage Neuchâtel. This could be used to build 1'000 small mountain chalets
11’000 people were employed for Expo.02 in the Three-Lakes Region during one year; 9'400 people were employed in the rest of Switzerland, so a total of 20'400 people worked for the national exhibition
12’000 litres of diesel were consumed by the Arteplage Mobile du Jura (AMJ)
12’780 people with disabilities visited the Expo.02
13’561 events, i.e. shows and cultural performances, took place on all the Arteplages; of these, 5'961 took place outdoors, i.e. on the Arteplage squares
15’000 trips were made by the solar-powered boats transporting visitors between the Monolith and the shores of Lake Murten
17’250 bendable tubes, each 15 mm in diameter, hung from the ceiling of the SIGNALSCHMERZ pavilion at the Yverdon-les-Bains. All together, they were 173.5 kilometres long and weighed 17'356 kilograms
18’000 people actively participated in the 19 Canton Days in total
20’400 employees worked for the national exhibition. 11'000 were on duty for Expo.02 in the Three-Lakes Region and 9'400 in the rest of Switzerland
22’487 staff badges were produced
23’000 military personnel were on duty for Expo.02
23’391 patients were cared for by the Samaritans, who completed a total of 130'000 working hours
24’000 travel dossiers processed by the local operator of Expo.02
25’000 visitors to the Expo.02 website on 14.05.2002 - www.expo.02.ch
29’000 hectolitres of beverages were consumed
30’000 Expo.02 objects were auctioned at the Kongresshaus Biel-Bienne on 17.-18.11.2002
33’000 nozzles sprayed tiny, purified droplets of lake water to form the cloud of the Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains
35’000 people took part in the SlowUp, the car-free adventure day around Lake Murten
35’211 admissions to Expo.02 on Wednesday, 05.06.2002; this was the worst-attended day of the year
40’000 hours were invested in the training of Expo.02 staff.
48’000 man-days were spent by the Civil Defence in the service of Expo.02
55’000 people boarded the Arteplage Mobile du Jura (AMJ)
64’487 admissions to Expo.02 on the evening of the Swiss National Day - 01.08.2002
67’085 admission tickets were sold in advance on the day before the opening of Expo.02, i.e. on 14 .05.2002
77’723 artists and performers appeared at Expo.02
80’123 last-minute passes were sold for Expo.02
94’026 overnight stays were recorded by Expo.02 in the tipi tent villages of Neuchâtel and Ins
133’000 working hours were completed by the Samaritans, who cared for 23'391 patients
150’000 litres of waste water disposed of by the Arteplage Mobile du Jura (AMJ)
181’996 visitors to the Arteplages on the last day alone - 20.10.2002
200’000 raclettes were eaten in the restaurant Le Valais on the Arteplage Biel-Bienne
224’009 season passes were sold by Expo.02, costing CHF 198.00 in pre-sale, or CHF 240.00 during the Expo.02
375’000 Expo.02 guides were sold, making them one of the best-selling books in the history of Swiss publishing
400’000 cars were parked in the Expo.02 car parks
400’000 people visited the Canton Days
466’000 schoolchildren visited Expo.02
470’000 hours of private security officers were on duty in total
500’000 visitors came to the Three-Lakes Region from abroad
550’000 square metres of surface had to be cleaned per day
630’010 passengers were transported by the Iris boats
800’000 kilometres were travelled with bicycles from the "Human Powered Mobility" rental fleet during Expo.02, equivalent to 20 times the circumference of the earth
1’420’000 overnight stays were recorded in the Three-Lakes Region during the Expo.02
1’738’664 people visited the Arteplages after 18:00
2’500’000 pieces of information were provided by Expo.02 to visitors
3’000’000 screws were needed to hold the boards of the two platforms of the Arteplage Biel-Bienne and Arteplage Neuchâtel together
3’500’000 people travelled to the Expo.02 by public transport
3’706’250 admission tickets sold at Expo.02
4’000’000 brochures "The Ticket" were printed in five languages
4’243’210 wristbands were distributed to visitors at the entrance
8’676’768 CHF were invested in the sustainable expansion of the cycling and skating network in the Three-Lakes Region
9’000’000 guests ate at Expo.02 in one way or another
10’289’019 entries were recorded at Expo.02 in total
100’000’000 CHF were budgeted for the entire dismantling phase alone
106’000’000 CHF were spent by visitors on food and drink
183’000’000 CHF were obtained through ticket sales (113 million Swiss francs less than budgeted)
465’000’000 CHF short of Expo.02's revenues
575’000’000 was the print run of all 427 publications issued by Expo.02
1’440’000’000 CHF were budgeted for Expo.02
1’581’000’000 CHF were the total costs of Expo.02
2’500’000’000 CHF in revenues Expo.02 brought to the Swiss economy
 An infinite number of good memories remain after Expo.02