Swiss Federal Railways SBB

On 20.10.2002, Expo.02 marked the end of an operating period that has probably never been equalled in terms of intensity and length on the Swiss railway network. Compared to Expo64 in Lausanne, when a good 20% of visitors travelled by train, this time far higher targets were set: More than 50% of the public were to come to Expo.02 by train. The decentralised organisation of Expo.02 with the four Arteplages Biel-Bienne, Murten-Morat, Neuchâtel and Yverdon-les-Bains posed a new problem.

Infrastructure measures
In the run-up to Expo.02, the railway infrastructure of the Jura foothills line was modernised and expanded - also as part of Rail 2000. This mainly involved profile extensions on various lines as well as expansions and modernisations at the Expo.02 stations. 

The modular service consisted of the basic service, known as the green timetable, and 3 expansion stages, each of which was assigned a colour (blue, yellow, pink). Towards the end of the previous week, it was communicated via the media and the Internet which offer would apply for the following week. Initially, the colour remained the same for one week at a time, but later the colour was changed for individual days as required. 

Rolling stock
The rolling stock was supplemented in the run-up to Expo.02, also as part of Rail 2000. Between 1999 and 2002, SBB procured 24 RABDe 500 trains, also known as ICN InterCity tilting trains, which were branded with the Expo.02 logo.

The staff of the public transport companies were under great pressure during Expo.02. The expanded transport services resulted in additional work in all areas. Added to this were the sales tasks, especially as SBB had taken over the distribution of Expo.02 admission tickets. Finally, it was also important to bear in mind that there were many travellers who were not familiar with the railways and who were heavily dependent on information and assistance.

Swiss Federal Railways SBB

SBB delegate for Expo.02
Vincent Ducrot, Head of Long-Distance Transport

Overall project management SBB
Tobias Ebinger, Overall Project Manager and Marketing
Christoph Marti, Transport
Christoph Schmid, Customer Relations / Human Resources
Hans-Jörg Rhyn, Operations

Official partnerships / ICN demonstrations
Hans Wägli

PR / Media
Reto Kormann

Customer Relations / Personnel
Peter Brawand, Barbara Burri, Stefan Gerber, Daniel Hollenstein, André Hügi, Sybilla Strebel, Alfred Zimmerli

Daniel Bachofner, Pat Barelli, Frank Bumann, Nicolas Bürgisser. Markus Kalt, Marianne Schüpbach, Martin Sommer, Laurent Stalder, Stefan Steiner, Irène Straub

Jacques Beaud, Martin Berchtold, Pascal Delessert, Alain Grütter, Oswald Horat, Jean-Luc Robert, Peter Stalder, Eduard Straub, Vincent Terrettaz

Claude Baour, Hans Häfliger, Henri Heizmann, Andreas Leonhardt, Gaston Martignier, Guy Oswald

Claude-Alain Badoux, Daniel Butty, Jean-François Chappuis, Jean-François Dériaz, Christian Jaccard, Jacques Moccand, Xavier Panchaud, Jacky Philipona, Christian Zulauf

Serge Piot, Logistics Services Cornaux