A national exhibition for every generation.

The website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) says the following:

About every 25 years it is time for a Swiss national exhibition with the aim of presenting the country's culture, politics and economy as a kind of snapshot of the era. The first national exhibition took place in Zurich in 1883, and its central theme was the importance of schools and education as a growth factor for the economy.

Or described in another way: A national exhibition for every generation.

The next national exhibition could take place in 2027.

There are currently four projects for a national exhibition and one project for a cultural capital of Switzerland. Much is still open, much is still uncertain. What public funding could an Expo count on? At what point in the development is the Confederation prepared to contribute financially? What role would the Confederation like to play in the sponsorship?

Quo vadis National Exhibition?


Current projects for an Expo