The Funparks project was always part of the concept of the National Exhibition. The main aim of these amusement parks was to increase the number of ECUs (Entertainment Capacity Units) and to integrate them optimally into the general framework of the Arteplages. Expo.01 had already signed a contract for the operation of the Ferris wheel on the Arteplage Neuchâtel. 

The project underwent numerous changes. In the end, the Arteplage Biel-Bienne and Arteplage Neuchâtel offered a total of 11 large attractions, various play options, in a themed décor and with a music concept. At the Arteplage Neuchâtel, a scenery landscape with the motto Glamour City was set up; corresponding plans for the Arteplage Biel-Bienne were cancelled in September 2001 for financial reasons.

Idea and project manager
Peter Hablützel

Design & Production Décor
MICE (Museums Interiors Conferences Exhibitions)

Project Management Expo.02
Florian Schmidt