Thank you

The Association of Expo.02 Alumni would like to thank the countless people and companies who have made their photos and documents of Expo.01, Expo.02 and the national exhibitions available to us for the website and our social media channels. Our thanks go to all the people and companies listed below. 

T H A N K   Y O U   V E R Y   M U C H !

Photos were provided by the following persons and companies:

Some photos were taken from the CD Keyvisuals Expo.02 and the authors are listed below:

  • Yves André
  • Annelies Egli
  • Christoph Grünig
  • Lea Kathriner
  • Christian Kuenzi
  • Kornelija Naraks
  • Yves Ronzier
  • Michael Ryffel
  • Peter Spillmann
  • Niklaus Spoerri
  • Lilianne Uebersax
  • Yoki van de Cream
  • Bob Wilson
  • Andrin Schweizer & Partner Architekten, Zurich
  • Arc-en-Scène (Hélène Robert, Anne Carles), Paris, France 
  • Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart, Germany 
  • Atelier Nou SA, Pully
  • Audrey Tenaillon, Paris, France
  • Belleville AG, Zurich 
  • Bellprat Associates AG (New: Bellprat Partner AG), Zurich 
  • Burkhalter Sumi Architekten GmbH, Zurich 
  • CK Cathy Karatchian, Geneva
  • Coop Himmelb(l)au, Vienna, Austria
  • CSI (Céline Hébert), Paris, France
  • d-case GmbH (New: Holzer Kobler Architekturen GmbH), Zurich
  • Edgar Hagen, Basel
  • ESE.02 (Susanne Walder)
  • Heuss Consulting, Zurich
  • Isa Stürm Urs Wolf SA, Zurich 
  • Les Ateliers du Nord - ADN Projects GmbH (Werner Jeker), Lausanne 
  • Lignum (Martina Issler), Zurich
  • Live Communication Ltd., London, Great Britain
  • Luigi Snozzi, Groisman & Snozzi (Luigi Snozzi, Gustavo Groisman, Sabina Snozzi), Locarno
  • Martin und Elisabeth Boesch Architekten, Zurich
  • Milla & Partner, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Pixelpark, Berlin, Germany
  • Publicis, Lausanne
  • Serge Spitzer, New York, United States of America
  • Steiner Sarnen Schweiz AG, Sarnen 
  • Team Multipack, Neuchâtel
  • Team topoi, Basel
  • Triad Berlin Projektgesellschaft GmbH (Neu: NeoNext Berlin GmbH), Berlin, Deutschland 
  • Tronics Animated Design, Zurich
  • Velobüro, Olten
  • Via Lewandowsky, Berlin, Germany 
  • Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Zurich 
  • Waterproof, Geneva
  • zVisuel SA, Lausanne

Some photos were taken from the media and documents below:

  • Various press kits
  • DVD Generation.02
  • 360° Panorama Tour
  • Various presentations from Expo.02

The following people and companies have provided us with material in digital and/or physical form or donated material (objects, books, clothes, badges, tickets, flags, ...):

  • Ralph Ammann
  • René Blöchliger
  • Stéphanie Bugnon
  • Claude Comte
  • Erich Hänggi
  • Conradin Knabenhans
  • Thomas Krüttli
  • Ernst-Otto Kuster
  • Monika Link
  • Edith Neuhaus
  • Myriam Neuhaus
  • Jean-Paul Renevey
  • Gabriela Simpson
  • Hochparterre AG, Zurich

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