Various items of clothing were designed and produced in the run-up to and during Expo.02. 

The garments can be categorised into the following groups:

  • Clothing for Expo.02 employees
  • Clothing for the Arteplage Mobile du Jura
  • Clothing for the various exhibition partners 
  • Clothing for the event partners
  • Clothing that was intended for sale as merchandising

Clothing for Expo.02 employees
Following a design competition with 46 participating teams, Expo.02 decided in favour of the designer duo Joan Billing and Winfried Heininger. The duo then created two collections for Expo.02 staff, one for the Accueil and one for the VIP employees. The employees who were in contact with the public at the front wore the Accueil collection. The combinable pieces allowed for very different looks: subtle to futuristic, conventional to modern. The basic colours were silver, grey and white, with accents in green. The VIP collection was based on the same elements, but was more restrained, classic and elegant in its overall effect. The dominant colour was green, in different variations. This outfit was intended for the staff who looked after the guests at official protocols, VIP receptions and events.

The approximately 80 VIP and 700 info uniforms were largely produced in Switzerland. The two collections comprised a total of 36 individual items. There were over 40,000 items of clothing in total and the total cost of the clothing was around three million Swiss francs.

Joan Billing
Winfried Heininger

Clothing for the Arteplage Mobile du Jura
Sailors and pilots of the Arteplage Mobile du Jura wore their own uniforms, which had to fulfil a wide range of weather conditions on the ship as well as the aesthetic requirements of the appearance. Parts of the clothing could be purchased by visitors as merchandising at the Arteplage Mobile du Jura or via the website.

Clothing of the various exhibition partners
Some exhibition partners dressed their employees in the official clothing collections. However, other exhibition partners have had customised garments created specifically for their exhibition project.  

Clothing from event partners
Various Expo.02 event infrastructures have created their own garments for their employees.

Various items of clothing were developed and produced for sale as merchandising articles.