Expo.02 mobile

Expo caterpillar shows vision of the future 

The red, caterpillar-shaped pavilion provided an entertaining insight into Expo.02. The travelling exhibition was on tour throughout Switzerland from mid-May 2001.

You can't tell by looking at a caterpillar how beautiful the butterfly that emerges from it will be. It was different with the red Expo.02 mobile. Until the opening of Expo.02, the caterpillar-shaped information pavilion offered visitors a foretaste of Expo.02. At the entrance to the 20 metre long pavilion, visitors were given a small oval screen, which was the key to amazing visual experiences. As soon as a visitor moved it a short distance over one of the five models, images and texts on Expo.02 exhibitions appeared on the screen as if by magic, with each model representing an Arteplage: Biel-Bienne, Murten-Morat, Neuchâtel, Yverdon-les-Bains and the Arteplage Mobile du Jura. Visitors were enveloped in a veritable bath of sound, colour and light.

The tour through the 20.00 m long, 6.00 m wide and 5.00 m high Expo.02 mobile lasted around ten minutes.

The Expo.02 mobile could be seen at the following locations:

03.05.2001: Neuchâtel - Media Day
19.-20.05.2001: Neuchâtel - Arteplage Open Days
31.05.2001: Aarau
06.-08.07.2001: Zurich - Züri-Fescht
03.-05.08.2001: Geneva - Fêtes de Genève
10.-12.08.2001: Saignelégier - Guest of Honour Marché-Concours
17.-19.08.2001: Basel - S'Fescht vo Basel
25.-26.08.2001: Nyon - Swiss Wrestling Festival
28.-30.09.2001: Neuchâtel - Guest of honour at the Fête de Vendanges
11.-21.10.2001: St.Gallen - Guest of honour at the Olma
09.-11.11.2001: Colmar, France - SITV
03.-08.12 2001: Schwyz - Forum of Swiss History

Baehr Rödel Architekten- und Stadtplaner GmbH (Nicolai Baehr), Starnberg, Germany www,baehr-roedel.de

Fabritastika Gestaltungsatelier AG (deleted) (Peter Sauter), Brüttisellen

Cuanillon-Constructions (deleted) (Jean-Marc Cuanillon), Biel-Bienne

HP Gasser AG Membranbau (Josef Imfeld), Lungern www.hpgasser.ch

Spool AG (Daniel Bosshard), Zurich www.spool.ch

Project management
ProWerbe Productions AG (Reinhard Vissa), Schlieren/Zurich

Project management Expo.02
Susanne Wüllner

Photos: © Baehr Rödel Architekten- und Stadtplaner GmbH; © Christoph Grünig