Quo vadis Ex-Expo.02

9th General Assembly

On 02.12.2017 the general meeting of the association took place in Berne. The discussion focused on the future of the association.

Following the presentation of a new dynamic, the members approved the changes to the statutes and thus paved the way for continuity. An amendment to the statutes concerning the next ordinary assembly of the association, which will take place in 3 years. As a result, they elected a new committee: Michelle Dedelley, Christoph Stahel and Ralph Ammann.

The association would like to thank the outgoing members of the committee, Frédérique Mouchet, Valérie Diserens (resigned in 2014), Joanie Waelti, Hans-Ruedi Schaffhauser, Liliane Büchler, Philippe Rapo and Anne Marie Ridout for their work in the committee and their commitment to the association.

Joanie Waelti has agreed to continue to manage the Facebook page, the newsletter and the LinkedIn group in collaboration with the committee members.