Les ailes du désir


During Expo.02, the sculpture Les ailes du désir, the SAC's bouldering project, invited young and old to climb blocks.

Human powered mobility in the vertical
At first glance, climbing has little in common with hiking, cycling, inline skating and canoeing. At second glance, however, they do: all forms of locomotion do without motorised aids - they rely solely on human muscle power. This similarity prompted the project management of Human Powered Mobility to grant the SAC Boulder guest rights within the HPM project. This meant that the boulder sculpture, which was originally submitted as a sports project, could be realised in an attractive location.


Swiss Alpine Club SAC, Bern www.sac-cas.ch
Human Powered Mobility HPM-Expo.02, Olten

Photos: © Jürg Freii © Archive Ralph Ammann