Event venue Arteplage Biel-Bienne

Das Zelt

Das Zelt not only hosts the circus, but also dance and theatre performances. Here, for example, Danza! takes place, a mixture of traditional dances from the Alpine regions and modern rhythms. The grand finale offers a dance for everyone. The tent is an event platform with three tents: the Grand Chapiteau for closed performances, private parties and official events; the Chapiteau du Spectacle with matinées and soirées from the Swiss cultural scene; the Café des Artistes, café and meeting place for culture lovers.

Das Zelt was originally conceived as a cultural and event platform for the Artplage Biel-Bienne as part of Expo.02. After the funding was cancelled, the tightrope walker David Dimitri and the lawyer and bicycle artist Adrian Steiner realised the project on a private basis.



Grand Chapiteau: 800 seats
Chapiteau du Spectacle: 360 seats
Café des Artistes: 140 seats

Project management
David Dimitri
Adrian Steiner

Head of Events Arteplage Biel-Bienne
Christoph Stahel (Responsable Events)
Daniel Schneider (Responsable Production)
Laurent Sandoz (Responsable Technique)
Michael Kropf (Site Coordinator)
Yann Serez (Assistant Responsable Production)
René Buchor (Assistant Responsable Technique)
Nicole Gerber (Responsable Administrative)
Thomas Drengwitz (Responsable Administrative) 

Photos: Press kit Das Zelt; Wikipedia; Panorama Tour; © Philipp Zanatta