Hotel on stilts

Hôtel Palafitte


Sandoz Fondation Hotels, Pully

Maximum number of guests

One night without breakfast - per room (shore pavilion) CHF 700.00 (up to 3 people per room)
One night without breakfast - per room (lake pavilion) CHF 800.00 (up to 3 people per room) 

On the occasion of Expo.02, the Sandoz Family Foundation built a 5-star hotel with 40 rooms on the lakeside near Neuchâtel. The hotel consists of pavilions, 24 pavilions stand on piles in the water with a direct drop into the lake, 16 further pavilions are built on the lakeshore.

The wooden elements for the construction of the hotel, designed by Lausanne architect Kurt Hoffmann, were developed in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The staff is largely provided by the Lausanne Hotel Management School. State-of-the-art building services designed for sustainability have been implemented.

The hotel's original operating licence ran until autumn 2003, but the hotel's great popularity and innovative appeal encouraged the Sandoz Family Foundation to undertake the necessary changes to the building in accordance with regulations. The authorities subsequently issued the definitive operating licence.

Palafitte SA, Pully

Atelier d’architecture Kurt Hofmann Sàrl, Lausanne

Landscape architect
L’Atelier du Paysage, Lausanne 

Engineer for building physics
Basler & Hofmann AG, Zürich 

Engineer for timber construction
Bois Consult Natterer SA, Etoy

Geotechnical engineer
De Cérenville Géotechnique SA, Ecublens

Engineer hydrogeologist / environment
Bernard Matthey, Montmollin

Map Géomatique SA, Auvernier

Siemens (Suisse) SA, Renens

Coordination / technical planning
ETG Salzmann AG (New: IED Gruppe AG), Visp

Consultancy on lighting issues
Reflexion AG, Zürich

Driven piles
Franz Murer AG, Beckenried

Geotechnical drilling
Tecfor SA. Collombey

Lake marking
CSA Blaise Zaugg (deleted), Boudry

Bricklaying / plastering, painting / tiling work
Construction Comina SA, St.Aubin

Timber construction
Baumann AG, Cudrefin
Geiser Charpente SA, Tramelan
Charpentes Vial SA, Le Mouret
Kurt Buck, Bremervorde-Mehedorf, Deutschland

Lifting equipment
Gyger Levage Sàrl, Porrentruy

Underlay floors
Weiss+Appetito SA, Renens

Heating / Sanitary
Cumax Nagel & Rossel SA, Neuchâtel

Supplier of sanitary installations
Sabag SA, Lausanne

Novelan AG, Dällikon 

Electrical engineering
Vuilliomenet Electricité SA (New: Groupe E), Neuchâtel

Setimac SA (deleted), Neuchâtel

Roofing work / plumbing work
Ortlieb+Hirschy SA, Cortaillod

Cabinet making
Wider Waldimir Sàrl, Clarens

Siteco Bag AG, Belp

Light wall
Nützi E. Söhne AG, Wolfwil

Optical fibre
Licht & Glasplanungs GmbH (New: LEDecolux AG), Hergiswil

Glass supplier
Kurth Glas & Spiegel AG, Zuchwil

Decoration / Floor coverings
André Liechti Sàrl, Montreux

Decorative painting
Scen’Arte, Fontaines-Grandson

W. Luginbühl SA, Cornaux

Wrought iron work
Lewis Hofmann, La Sarraz

Exterior carpentry work
Papaux SA, Crissier

Automatic doors
Iffland Frères SA (New: Tormax Ifflans SA), Epalinges

Professional kitchen
Rochat SA, Cernier

Refrigeration systems
New Frigotech SA, Le Landeron

Griesser SA, Lausanne

OTIS SA, Lausanne 

Lift for the disabled
BACO AG (deleted), Steffisburg

Lightning conductor
Hofmann Frères Sàrl, Oron-la-Ville 

Fire protection
Siemens Building Technologies SA, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

Outdoor facilities (consortium)
Bannwart-Les mains vertes, St-Blaise

Ludi Clôtures SA, Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane

Nautical accessories
Cachelin Frédéric SA (deleted), Neuchâtel

Alarm system
Securicom, Lausanne

Cleaning of the lake
Oceane Plongée, Neuchâtel

Photos: © Sigrid Ostermeyer