Event venue Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains


Cultural and gastronomic delights are offered in the Mondial's foyer, bar, restaurant and concert hall. Relaxation and exchange are guaranteed. World musicians give musical testimonies of their origins in novel and spontaneous gatherings.

In the age of the global economy, encounter and conflict between self and other, world and homeland, are moving to the centre of our life experience. Core questions of our future will be decided in this field of tension. But behind the buzzwords that shape our perception of the present lies the fullness of the world and the richness of cultures. Mondial wants to make the world, the interplay between our own and foreign cultures, a sensual reality, to create a space for direct and poetic encounters, beyond exotic superficial appeal and ideological froth. For in the openness of the senses lies a key to the challenges of the future.

The Mondial will feature a sophisticated mix of concert and culinary delights from around the world. The building, a raw steel skeleton construction, is lined with wood and clad in Eternit. The 10.00 m cantilevered roof covers the outdoor space. The stage, pool and outdoor stage can be used for concerts. Thanks to its flexibility, the Mondial can be used for a variety of purposes.


400 seats and standing places

Idea and concept
Martin Hess, Marianne Müller

ABB Schweiz AG, Zurich www.abb.com 

Morphing Systems Architektur + Ausstellungen GmbH (new: Holzer Kobler Architekturen GmbH), Zurich www.holzerkobler.com 

Project Manager
Electric Ara Music Production AG (Martin Hess), Zurich

Marianne Müller, Martin Hess

Martin Jaeggi

Marianne Müller

Video stills
Andrea Gohl, Marianne Müller

Avid editing
Sacco Film, Zurich (René Zumbühl)

Photography Objects
Niklaus Spoerri

Design of display cases
Peter Regli, Martin Hess

Interior design 
SLS Illusion + Construktion GmbH, Schwerzenbach www.slsillusion.ch (Gary Stern, René Lang)

Bar design
Daniel Affolter

Venue management
Gregor Plattner

Sound engineer
Suneil Pusari, Frank Cavet

Lighting Engineer
Ivan Bonassi

Sidi Fall

Band support
Tobias Preisig

Resident DJ
DJ JonJon

Electric Tucan, Zurich (Urs Keller, René Lang, Erna Büchel, Markus Rikli)

Hanna Williamson-Koller www.williamson.ch 

Andrea Gohl, Maya Valentin

Head of Events Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains
Eric Gasser (Responsable Events)
Gilles Tuchschmid (Responsable Production)
Dominique Dardant (Responsable Technique)
Nicolas Bonstein (Site Coordinator)
Fanny Sennheiser (Responsable Administrative)
Jean-Luc Fontannaz (Responsable Maintenance) 

Photos: © Holzer Kobler Architekturen GmbH www.holzerkobler.com; Booklet Mondial; © Michael Studt