Event venue Arteplage Neuchâtel

Night Show

The Night Show of the Arteplage Neuchâtel was conceived as a visual and aural spectacular that all visitors would experience differently.

Thanks to a space-limited broadcasting system, six different soundtracks were played simultaneously to accompany a water, fire and light choreography.

As they move around the show site, the spectators perceived the show in a different manner as the musical score changed. Each score was inspired by scientific data regarding a natural phenomenon such as the tides at the antipode of Neuchâtel, starlights or earthquakes.

The Night Show Comme un étrange appel featured fairytale games with water, fire and light accompanied by music on the Arteplage theme of Nature and Artificiality


3'600 seats and standing - Openair

Eca2 (Yves Pépin), Paris, France www.eca2.com

Music and soundtrack
Philippe Villar

Technical planning
Eca2 (Philippe Gade, Alain Gaillarf, Stéphane Plume), Paris, France www.eca2.com

Coordination Expo.02 - Events
Yves Arbel

Head of Events Arteplage Neuchâtel
Ralph Ammann (Responsable Events)
Elina Leimgruber Salo (Responsable Production)
Rémy Beuchat (Responsable Technique)
Fabrice Laluc (Site Coordinator)
Bruno Soulie (Coordinateur Technique)
Monica Brunner (Responsable Administrative)
Marc Magnin (Coordinateur Gastronomie, Logistique et Logement) 

Photos: © Archive Ralph Ammann; © Archive Yves Arbel