Event venue Arteplage Neuchâtel

Patinoire du Littoral

The largest covered stage at Expo.02 welcomes big musicals, for example the French productions Les Dix Commandements and Notre-Dame de Paris. In addition to these musical theatres, major entertainment spectacles and highlights of contemporary music can be heard and seen here.

The Patinoire du Littoral is an existing ice stadium with a covered ice rink.


3'500 seats or 6'000 standing places

Head of Events Arteplage Neuchâtel
Ralph Ammann (Responsable Events)
Elina Leimgruber Salo (Responsable Production)
Rémy Beuchat (Responsable Technique)
Fabrice Laluc (Site Coordinator)
Bruno Soulie (Coordinateur Technique)
Monica Brunner (Responsable Administrative)
Marc Magnin (Coordinateur Gastronomie, Logistique et Logement) 

Team Events - Patinoire du Littoral
Bruno Soulie (Régisseur Général)

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