Tent village

Tipis - Ins

A post bus ran every 15 minutes from 08:00 to 10:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00 between the tent village and Ins railway station. The fare per journey/person was CHF 1.00.

Expo.02, Neuchâtel

Total tents: 58
40 group tents (maximum 12 persons)
18 family tents (maximum 5 persons)

Maximum number of guests

One night - adults CHF 40.00
One night - children CHF 20.00
One overnight stay - all-inclusive price per family tent (5 persons) CHF 195.00        
One overnight stay - all-inclusive price per group tent (12 persons) CHF 330.00
Breakfast CHF 10.00
Dinner - adults CHF 15.00
Dinner - children CHF 10.00

Tipi(cal) hospitable!

Two tipi tent villages - one in Ins and one in Neuchâtel - are available to families and groups for overnight stays. Sleeping in a tent means dreaming under a million stars.

Fancy the sounds of nature before going to bed? For fresh air to fall asleep in? A night in a tipi makes it possible. The tents are made of peeled spruce trunks and light-coloured cotton canvas and provide sleeping space for a total of 1,152 visitors.

Six to eleven tents form mini villages. These are connected by a network of paths to the communal areas (meeting zones) and central sanitary facilities (toilet and shower containers). A simple restaurant provides catering.

Simple but functional

There are two different tent sizes: A group tent with space for 12 people and a small family tent with five beds (e.g. for five adults or two adults and three children). The interior of the tent is simple but functional. Sleeping is on wooden slatted frames with foam mattresses. Cotton sleeping bags and woollen blankets are available.

After Expo.02, the tipi tents were sold for their residual value. 

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